Tipping The Working Poor Down the Drain

As a parent and former employer in retail I was very concerned when this government cur penalty rates to the lowest wage earners in the country. The importance to having a good team in a family business is what I makes it successful for all to share. 

That ethic was shattered when I visited a fast food outlet and when it come to payment via card I was informed that the terminal now had another step added and to process with a tip window added. 

I can only assume now we are going down the road of employees having to supplement wages with charity from clients being part of their wages as in the USA, as well as the banking sector has been given the nod to import these terminals by the government. 

This is a major shift in our working culture where the lowest paid often the working poor are being or will be forced to live off the charity to survive and let’s be quite clear this federal government had the power and numbers to stop this and it chose on behalf of reducing living standards. 

And for those who think it won’t effect them because of your status in society, when it’s your turn to pay at the terminal and the employee is not as honest as the one I had, you will merrily put your PIN number into the tip section and the business will have your credit card number and pin and who knows the working poor may get a unexpected bonus and you, bill shock

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