News Corps Moral Compass $$ Driven 

To many of us particularly those with kids in sport cringe when we see gambling and alcohol adverts during major sporting broadcasts. 

We have seen the clear evidence where betting has corrupted players, officials and entire codes so why are my alarm bells ringing when I read News Corp are signing off with a mega deal with a major world wide betting conglomerate when they have subsidiary companies running and influencing AFL and NRL codes.

These codes have been plagued with controversy with betting, drug and salary capping , match fixing issues in the past and this move will do nothing to cleaning up the reputations of these codes and officials who are trying desperately to put out fires and clean up their act. 

Yes business is business and News Corp sinking share in the marketplace in core news has to be supplemented in other ways but the marriage of sports that set influence on our kids values and link that to gambling is not socially nor morally acceptable

Lap Dog Australia Has To Decide 

We all laughed when the White House and the President called our PM President Trumbles and little did we realise what a circus would evolve from then on in. We all have our own views the worlds woes, some of us follow events while others it just gets too hard to engage and just turn off handing over to respective propaganda spin doctors to give you information they think you need to know being their version only.

Well no one is talking about the massive arsenal build up off the Korean Peninsula, the biggest in US history. A pending war in the Middle East over Zionist views on the location of the capital plus the never ending spats Israel has with anybody who dares to  say or print anything negative about their point of view.

If this keeps escalating and Australia maintains its lap dog relationship with the Trump team the target on the people of Ipswich gets bigger by the day. 

We are a legitimate target in any world conflict, that’s undeniable so will we just leave it to the politicians in Canberra to decide what level are we expendable (the Brisbane Line Strategy) or should we be really looking at how far we will back this mob under its present Managment and protect our own interests and people. 

Trump is unhinged, a pathological liar, that cannot be trusted in any way and it’s time for the rest of the free world to stand up and distance themselves from his antics for the sake of our own existence as their are no dress rehearsals or second takes when the crunch comes.

Policy and Truth Reporting without Drama Queens

In every election campaign its political savvy to play the underdog, the poor candidate the big boys are picking on, yes the victim.This charade is being played in ipswich if we believe the Queensland Times reports and it up to you weather your gullible enough to swallow it or just accept the fact it’s part of the election tactical cycle. 

Truth is precious, and reporting truth can be hard unless some investigative journalism is carried out and printing spiel from one source, one PR office, one press statement may be fine at the time but we in ipswich should be very wary as we were led up the garden path for years as we are discovering now before the CCC and the courts. All stories we thought were true because it was in the paper. 

The punters want facts, policy, how this will effect them and their families not the poor me sympathy spiel. We saw that in the red pyjamas act and what a headline and what a con, so in the closing week please cut the drama queen act and focus on who has the form and experience to keep Ipswich going forward 

The Ethical Delema revealed by Paradise Papers. 

It should be noted the release of the Paradise Papers is not only a accolade to investigative journalism but a triumph to commitment and teamwork of journalists worldwide to work for transparency of the high flyers.The rhetoric of tax dodging over avoidance and its legalities has been highlighted however the ethical position of paying taxes back to the country where it was earned has been downplayed in favour of shareholder returns. 

The most disappointing revelation to me is some superannuation companies are big players in the avoiding game indicating the investment settings within our country need to be changed. 

If we could harness our own money and taxes from going overseas and invest in infrastructure like hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, transport, energy production for example, our employment level, standard of living would benefit and profits would return and stay home and the national debt would be paid off forthwith.

We need a strong government that will change those settings in flavour of Australia and Australians which will never happen while big business pays the piper to play its tune as it is presently. 

Human Capital just Collateral Damage. 

 Six billion dollar profit leads to a 6 thousand job loss and the carnage continues. 

In a few short years we have witnessed the collapse of the automotive industry, major manufacturing and service industries closing or moving offshore, and closer to home our meat workers and process plants leaving thousands of employees, subsidiary industries employees and suppliers destitute or close to it all in the name of greater returns to business or shareholders. 

We have come to a stage where Human Capital/Workers are just collateral damage to the corporations. Use them, then dump them, when it’s time to consolidate.

The trickle down ideology has failed, capitalism is failing world wide, while the nations who invest in their own people and infrastructure and treat them accordingly are emerging as new world powers.

I have heard the cat calls of Socialist all my life, but when I ask what is the future of your child or grand child if the present trend of use and abuse continues they have no answer but agree the gap between the rich and working poor grows daily. 

The glory days are over, robotic technology will replace most repetitive jobs so us humans need to consider if sharing in the nations wealth system out ways that of being drip fed at some corporates pleasure, and vote accordingly. 

Basic Voice a Essential Service to the Elderley 

The NBN debacle delivered by the Turnbull government is leaving many elderly and incapacitated people totally stranded in the whirlpool of competition for their basic telephone service. With exchanges shutting down, voice only services will be delivered by the NBN by VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) changing the way the basic service is delivered.

These people who only need the basic service, the service they have paid for and serviced them will be forced to decide which provider and the cheapest to select to maintain basic communication to their families and support teams. 

To provide that basic service will cost NBN less than the cost of cup of coffee as the switching will be done automatically as part of the cutover. Their business is data not voice, so that basic voice service should be standard across the nation and take the profiteer provider level out of the equation. 

It goes back to the question “is a basic telephone a essential service”? 

That Communication Act Clause should be reinstated as governments encourage the elderly and in-firmed treated at home rather than clogging the hospital systems. 


One Law Stands on Citizenship. 

 Watching the high court decision fall on the politicians who broke the law, therefore claimed false wages and conditions and wondered if they were just average employees or dare I say trade unionists or Centrelink recipients would this government have commenced recovery proceedings if not fraud charges before the end of the day. Some surrendered while others denied to the death and hoped. 

Genuine mistakes, ignorance, poor research or blame mummy and daddy all excuses that are used daily by kids in primary school.

The facts are these people were paid by us to do a job they were not qualified to do. Made decisions they were not legally qualified to do, and if they were tradesmen or professionals they would be charged accordingly.

So the test is will common law, the law that applies to normal everyday Australians be applied to those who see themselves exempt due to the fact their political party failed to comply on accepting their nominations.?

Will they charge the law or introduce a whoopsie legislation only for them?

They didn’t do it when they cut health cards and chased alleged overpayments for the Centrelink, in many cases that was proved governments computer interfacing errors, but that’s a different class of people in our society isn’t it ? 

One law for all and no get out of jail free cards please. 

Tipping The Working Poor Down the Drain

As a parent and former employer in retail I was very concerned when this government cur penalty rates to the lowest wage earners in the country. The importance to having a good team in a family business is what I makes it successful for all to share. 

That ethic was shattered when I visited a fast food outlet and when it come to payment via card I was informed that the terminal now had another step added and to process with a tip window added. 

I can only assume now we are going down the road of employees having to supplement wages with charity from clients being part of their wages as in the USA, as well as the banking sector has been given the nod to import these terminals by the government. 

This is a major shift in our working culture where the lowest paid often the working poor are being or will be forced to live off the charity to survive and let’s be quite clear this federal government had the power and numbers to stop this and it chose on behalf of reducing living standards. 

And for those who think it won’t effect them because of your status in society, when it’s your turn to pay at the terminal and the employee is not as honest as the one I had, you will merrily put your PIN number into the tip section and the business will have your credit card number and pin and who knows the working poor may get a unexpected bonus and you, bill shock

Postecoglou’s White Ant Problem.

The uncertainty around Ange Postecoglou’s status with Socceroo campaign has been created by media speculation combined with a concerted effort to white ant his position by commentators who see themselves as lords based on their own self promotion.History of past coaches be it imported or in Ange’s case local the self appointed brains trust are fine when they see themselves in the inner circle of Australian football but when the coach moves to close the dressing room door the friendship sours as it has today. 

Postecoglou’s effort in bringing players worldwide home plus the restructuring the game locally has been outstanding and while the A league has seen marked improvement in his time the simple fact is we do not have the depth to compete at the worlds highest level “yet”. Our game is growing fast and our biggest hurdle is avoiding the nepotistic view and embrace overseas coaches and managers to expand our education across all levels.

We can’t compare or compete with the wealth of club sides like Bayern Munchen or Real Madrid but we can steal their ideas and thinking we have all the answers here doing it our way is ludicrous, so when the CEO Gallops statement of Australia first for coaching replacement when it becomes vacant is less than visionary for the games future. 

I am not advocating European takeover of Australian football but our football culture must reflect that of the top nations if we are to rise to that level. That means the media commentary has some growing up to do and leave the boys club culture of the older we get the better we were off our TV screens

Investment in Our Youth will Deliver. 

Ipswich has prided itself since inception on its Football prowess and has dealt with its opposition by delivering good hard but fair style of play. I know because I felt the fairness quite often playing against the likes of St. Helens, Coalstars, Blackstone, and Bushrats after the match and the next couple of days. 

With that said, and recent results from the Western Pride the game is in a very good place and with the plans to involve satellite clubs in coaching and managing programs can only take Ipswich Football to a level where a A League franchise is beyond a dream. 

This needs to happen sooner than later or some serious thought will need to happen as our Queensland representative in the A League has taken the dads army approach to its playing staff, a strategy designed for survival more than progression. 

In a game where careers depend on skill, dedication, and opportunity its vitally important to have a sound base and culture for developing our talent and retaining that talent here in Ipswich.

A specifically built Sporting Academy in Ipswich involving not only Football but multi sports should be a vision supported in a catchment from Ipswich west to Toowoomba and beyond giving young talent the benefit of leading edge knowledge and facilities to practice,refine and produce. 

This concept should be supported by all facets to government which would provide employment and associated business opportunities as well as providing a sporting hub. 

We have the talent but its spread, but unfortunately the scouts often look in the mainstream established facilities letting the undiscovered fade into broken dreams because of where they live.

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