The Ethical Delema revealed by Paradise Papers. 

It should be noted the release of the Paradise Papers is not only a accolade to investigative journalism but a triumph to commitment and teamwork of journalists worldwide to work for transparency of the high flyers.The rhetoric of tax dodging over avoidance and its legalities has been highlighted however the ethical position of paying taxes back to the country where it was earned has been downplayed in favour of shareholder returns. 

The most disappointing revelation to me is some superannuation companies are big players in the avoiding game indicating the investment settings within our country need to be changed. 

If we could harness our own money and taxes from going overseas and invest in infrastructure like hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, transport, energy production for example, our employment level, standard of living would benefit and profits would return and stay home and the national debt would be paid off forthwith.

We need a strong government that will change those settings in flavour of Australia and Australians which will never happen while big business pays the piper to play its tune as it is presently. 

One thought on “The Ethical Delema revealed by Paradise Papers. 

  1. Nice post Wayne. We are dealing with same thing obviously in US and current tax plan does nothing to address offshore money and tax avoidance. Ruling classes love these rackets. Check out SudburySanders if you have the time I have recent posts relating to dark and offshore money. Have a good day.


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