Human Capital just Collateral Damage. 

 Six billion dollar profit leads to a 6 thousand job loss and the carnage continues. 

In a few short years we have witnessed the collapse of the automotive industry, major manufacturing and service industries closing or moving offshore, and closer to home our meat workers and process plants leaving thousands of employees, subsidiary industries employees and suppliers destitute or close to it all in the name of greater returns to business or shareholders. 

We have come to a stage where Human Capital/Workers are just collateral damage to the corporations. Use them, then dump them, when it’s time to consolidate.

The trickle down ideology has failed, capitalism is failing world wide, while the nations who invest in their own people and infrastructure and treat them accordingly are emerging as new world powers.

I have heard the cat calls of Socialist all my life, but when I ask what is the future of your child or grand child if the present trend of use and abuse continues they have no answer but agree the gap between the rich and working poor grows daily. 

The glory days are over, robotic technology will replace most repetitive jobs so us humans need to consider if sharing in the nations wealth system out ways that of being drip fed at some corporates pleasure, and vote accordingly. 

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