Lap Dog Australia Has To Decide 

We all laughed when the White House and the President called our PM President Trumbles and little did we realise what a circus would evolve from then on in. We all have our own views the worlds woes, some of us follow events while others it just gets too hard to engage and just turn off handing over to respective propaganda spin doctors to give you information they think you need to know being their version only.

Well no one is talking about the massive arsenal build up off the Korean Peninsula, the biggest in US history. A pending war in the Middle East over Zionist views on the location of the capital plus the never ending spats Israel has with anybody who dares to  say or print anything negative about their point of view.

If this keeps escalating and Australia maintains its lap dog relationship with the Trump team the target on the people of Ipswich gets bigger by the day. 

We are a legitimate target in any world conflict, that’s undeniable so will we just leave it to the politicians in Canberra to decide what level are we expendable (the Brisbane Line Strategy) or should we be really looking at how far we will back this mob under its present Managment and protect our own interests and people. 

Trump is unhinged, a pathological liar, that cannot be trusted in any way and it’s time for the rest of the free world to stand up and distance themselves from his antics for the sake of our own existence as their are no dress rehearsals or second takes when the crunch comes.

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