Voter Ignorance stymies Democracy. 

Democracy is tough and gauging the limits of ignorance of the electorate was clearly demonstrated when that punter was shattered when they could not vote for a person that was not on the voting form and didn’t care or know the structure of the party they were so passionate to support. As the count continues that ignorance is highlighted across all electorates as the informal vote in the 3 seats contested in Ipswich is over 4301 (no it’s not a post code) but it’s people who for one reason or another distance themselves from the responsibility that people have given their lives for and others that are dying to have the right. 

You can be sure those who copped out are the same who whinge that politicians are useless, the same, and the countries going backwards or just blame Joanne Miller. 

The fact is that informal vote can change governments, a state or nations direction, employment and health outcomes and it’s a wonder as most of us were surprised that last Friday was Black Friday that no one contacted the QT and complained Trump was not on the voting slip.   

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