Royal Commission into Turnbulls Fake NBN. 

As a former TELSTRA worker in the time when when the Australian people actually owned the network it truly annoys me when I watch the debacle we have been forced to accept by this federal government with their fake NBN. Not withstanding the actual rollout issues, the elderly in particular are being screwed as the battery exchanges are decommissioned and the equipment used will have to be upgraded if it’s not NBN friendly. The 24 hour battery backup promised if a outage occurred has disappeared and mobiles will be required in emergencies all at the customers cost. 

It’s now conceded the capacity promised and payed for cannot be delivered over the copper/fibre network and refunds are being progressed. I will make the point this is not the carriers fault, it was a design issue that was deliberately impregnated to reduce the capacity to maintain the current cable monopoly, and knowing exactly what could have been delivered to what is being delivered frustrates many of us who were educated in fibre networks on the initial roll outs nationally. 

Progressing the network in its present design is a time bomb as it will collapse when the unmaintained copper fails and we the consumer will have to pay to install the fibre gap. 

It’s becoming obvious by our crashing in world standings on fibre capacity delivery that this network is a total dud and we need to set up a entity of communication professionals supported by a Royal Commission to investigate and re strategise delivery quality, ahead of political pay backs. 



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