The Embarrassing Turnbull Trump Junket

Probably the only success in the Turnbull visit to Trump was Trump remembered his name.

It was the most grovelling exhibition of photo shoots, back slapping, scripted mate ship monologue embarrassing any fair dinkum Australian.

Some may say that all any visit by any politician to America has the same script, but I feel this one should have laid out our priorities in a much firmer fashion if Australian interests were at the forefront and the reason for the junket.

America’s is riding on a very heated economy with debt over 22 trillion dollars and rising while Malcom’s and Tony’s debt truck has turned into a Acland coal train and the lenders are going to want repayment.

With lending rates minimal, wages stagnant, any upward movement will decimate those who have overcommitted or over borrowed, so this fantasy of how corporate tax cuts in both countries is our saviour is just flawed political ideology.

Imagine interest rates returning to 5% accompanied by inflation what damage that would do to all those who are in new homes struggling now?

The hypocrisy of the entire Trump trip was tipperfied when Trump demanded we contribute to patrolling Chinas sand island expansion while he ignores Israel’s expansion into Palestine and we choose to stay silent.

We in the Asian Pacific can not rely on Trumps America. We have to tighten alliances with New Zealand and forge new trading partners as when that balloon busts in America and it will , we have to have a government that has the skills to guide us through with policies that are people based as the corporates will be too busy concentrating on saving their Mercedes.

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