Proactive View on Our Drug Problem

Who in their right mind would want to be an emergency worker in this day and age? That’s the question I ask especially this time of the year when we are all supposed to be at peace with each other and those around us, some go out of our way to do the exact opposite via road, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and basic ignorance and stupidity in our waterways and who picks up the pieces ? Our Emergency response teams.
For some reason it seems to peak this time of the year where we all just choose to overindulge in bad habits extenuated by drugs legal and illegal.
At the risk of bringing out the puritans wrath we need to accept our society has a drug problem and until we recognise that and put measures in place proactively we and our kids will be exposed to an escalating problem as the dealers in death of legal and illegal drugs get smarter.
Jail time is not a deterrent, naming and shaming sometimes is a badge of honour, so we have to look outside conventional methods to get people off their habits. Cutting supply is critical, education, but we have to look at controlled facilities where users can come without stigma to address their issues. Some will come, some won’t , some can’t.
Recognition you have a problem is critical to the road to recovery, and again I state this is all drugs legal and illegal, so until our society addresses its habit of condemnation and judgment of those who are hooked, or our emergency response teams will have to endure of ever growing body count as part of a normal days work.

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