Let’s Give Our Bremer a Chance.

Every day we are witnessing the expansion of our great city and surrounds with new estates, developments, that impacts on our existing infrastructure as councils and governments should ensure it stays in front before approvals are granted.
In my area a huge estate “Waterleigh” at Walloon is going gangbusters with development and massive earth works is ongoing and pondage or retention dams are in place to hold back and enhance its naming signature a “lake”.
All new developments speed up water flow as soakage is replaced with bitumen and ends up in the Bremer River and from my area the 7 mile down little has been done to clear or improve water quality or flow. In fact our river rates a D- when it comes to quality, so isn’t it time we addressed this as it should be an asset as in our history past.
We whinge daily driving or sitting in air conditioned germ capsules on rails getting to places where with a some effort and planning we could upgrade our natural corridor from City Central to the the airport and beyond.
Im sure dredging technology has progressed and if we can manage the quality of water and volume at the entry points it will address the flooding and accompanying damage plus encouraging tourist and business opportunities en route.
This river asset is awaiting vision from politicians and governments but we the residents have our play a role by realising that every time you spray or put a chemical into the chain it will end up in a river or lake that you and your family will have to live with while sipping coffee on some board walk.
Our rivers and creeks are our arteries and must be respected

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