Shopping Centre Sharks Kill Off Mum and Dad Businesses.

Again it’s sad to see another Mum and Dad show hit the wall as part of a refurbishment.
Be aware these so called upgrades are geared to increase the return to the complex owners and are in no way customer focused.
From experience these big players or “Anchors” get free of massively discounted rents and outgoings concessions and they’re use their market power to crush any competition within the centre.
Im my case the day I opened the major chain set up a new fridge freezer out front selling the product we were to make our living from at a discount price.
My rents and outgoings went up , theirs were static so its not hard to see why family shows are closing. The kick backs from the major chains are similar to what was exposed in the royal commission into banking and the fact consumer affairs is not involved is the simple fact the smaller retailers do not have the financial capacity to fight the monopolies.
Don’t be confused major conglomerates own coffee, donut, food, and fashion franchisor businesses and that’s retail but when that power is used in a manner that stifle competition however small by stealth is a fact of life when your a independent or small franchisee not in the loop.
Stand alone businesses outside the sharks need the traffic to survive and that is only achieved with longevity and great service and product and a customer base that loyal and committed to not take the lazy option.
Sadly todays public do not know what they had as Andrew Korner wrote in his editorial.

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