Female Leaders needed to Bolster World Wide Intellectual Capacity.

As our nation has been battling for survival with extreme weather in the past months we need to be aware their are other factors that are just as important happening around the world we and our media need to be watching.

Last Friday night after Trump not America decided to assonate the Iranian military leader I watched the world reaction on as many news outlets I could to judge if WW3 was commencing. It may have already but my immediate concern is as in Iraq we will go Gung Ho as Howard did on the belief America had credible intelligence, something Trump lacks in many forms.

Looking at all the leaders in the world today I’m very sceptical of the ones who have the ability of analysis and comprehension in times of conflict and conflict management I troubled times.

I have voiced my opinion on Americas decision to elect Trump but that is their decision, but when that election effects my nation’s security I will call out his total lack of intellectual capability to pass the Wiggles test let alone run a world power. He is a laughing stock on the world stage, and retreats to his bunker tweeting things to keep away from the media reality scrutiny.

I appreciate Morrison is under the pump internally but his silence on this issue is more than concerning, and the media has dropped the ball on this issue to date.

England’s Johnson, Morrison and Trump as the Coalition of the Willing is not a good sleeping potion to any level headed observer and again I will state for world stability we need female leaders like Merkel, Adern, something the boys club just can’t or has the capacity to rise to.

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