Jackboot Legislation Threatens Media Watchdogs.

I respect to Supreme Courts decision on the legality of the raids on Sky journalists and the ABC but that decision does not make the law just.

If we lookout the entire landscape of the way we get our news the days of just picking a a rag or clicking on a site and believing the spin or chose to research the story from different outlets then have a somewhat expansive view.

It is not beyond government regardless left or right to attempt to manipulate then truth for political advantage and it is up to the media to scrutinise, question , investigate, expose the dark truth and that includes the them who enforce the governments legislations.

Once separation of powers, law and politics was respected now its optional if the narrative suits yet some outlets turn a blind eye while others play it straight often to their ridicule from the yes men.

If your confused how a government can spin they support whistle blowers then raid them demanding their sources or else, or tip off the media of raids before warrants are served for political gain , be assured we are not in some facist republic but we could be on track if we continue to allow jackboot legislations to prevail.

Please question if we want to be like America and have political appointed judges to deliver government ideology or have that separation of power that can be protected by a robust and investigative professionals who do their job unhindered without the fear of midnight raids.

Wayne Offer

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