This Social Distancing makes you Think.


Apart from giving Margaret (My Dear Wife) he never ending shits and over watching world news its a good time to relax and look at the real picture on seeing how our elected leaders are performing around the world .

Yes I do have about 10 daily sources of news both radio and TV that I scan and have been for many years so I know the biases and blemishes they all have when you compare regardless of my political views which are very socially slanted towards the people rather than the establishment.

After establishing that you can see why my views clash at times with those that are more self centred and think anyone who thinks off the liberal centre is some sort of a mad leftie or even a communist.

And yes my family history have had proudly “Reds Under The Bed” members who fought hard for the little man during post war and beyond for conditions we still enjoy today but were demonised then.

So through those eyes of my grandparents i have grown to appreciate how our politicians are performing.

I will start with our own Mr. Morrison who’s news conferences are more frequent now but to us after his performance in the bush fires the people don’t forget his inaction and non empathetic approach until disgraced into coming home from his holiday in Hawaii, then took up his old Scotty From Marketing himself and now that smirk leaves us with about as trustful as a crocodile in season. His focus on the economic consequences before the human consequences is typical of his ideology and was dragged kicking and screaming to take a remedy the Labor Party were screaming months before, a position lam-blasted for years by the Blue Ties as Socialist.

How the worm turns.

And talking of worms better called grubs brings me to Mr. Donald Trump who now has decided to put his country onto a war footing miraculously TODAY a strategy where he can stop by decree all elections and keep himself in power until that emergency is declared stopped.

His total incompetence will make the great American Fuck UP on Pearl Harbour look like a Picnic in the park.

!5 people in America had #covid_19 in americas and they were getting better, DER while Europe was crashing Weeks if not Months before blatantly lying as he does to his people to save his mates on Wall Street.

Well how did that go Donald Dunce?

Forget about your little people the people you say you represent and now you will be the one who goes down in history for the President who played the fiddle while his population burned in a fire he could have doused months before if he had the brains of a nit.

To be fair he is not all to blame here. The American ethos of looking inward and being all about ones self will be its total demise. They won’t self isolate, they won’t stop panic buying, and we have some of those too by the way, but there is more of them and the unbelievable fact they are buying up more guns.

They are in total self destruct mode and the reality is money the thing they all live, admire, and worship as a status will not save them from the funeral pyre. Regardless of how good your health plan is your hospital will not be equiped to deliver you home, only in a box.

One last thing to ponder is Republicans should not be taking the cash splash as that’s a SOCIALIST ACTION OR THEY WOULD BE TOTAL HYPOCRITES as they have denied the population free health and kept their Drug Companies and Health Care Industries pockets filled and starved the frontline hospitals the ability to treat all human beings the basic right of life.

You sow and you will reap the crop you deserve. I truly feel sorry for the what’s to come as it could have been diminished by the Bumbling Bozo with a vocabulary of a grade 5

Thank someones God they closed the borders from them In Australia unless you are a Hillsong follower and Scotty From Marketing will talk to his God to see if he has a marketing position.

And what more can I say when referring to Merkel Germany and Addern NZ both leave the above leaders fiddling with their Foreskins Full Stop..

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