Recalcitrants of Spin.

We all have the time, that is if your in the crash zone of the pandemic and grounded to really have a hard look at how our fellow Aussies accept the fact there must be pain for gain.

Sadly many of our population young and old are looking for a out to exclude them for doing the right thing.

Before this it was the polices fault they were caught speeding for instance. I’m a pensioner so my priority is more important than someone else, and it goes on each looking to put a spin on what makes you so important above someone who has been dealt a hand often they can’t play.

Each day In these times I watch some great truthful reporting and then some total rot of which the doubters find refuge and justification for their recalcitrant behaviour.

We are all expected to support each other through this and

Ike a war we all have to stick together to win but we have these talking heads who put their shock jock ratings ahead of the national interest by planting seeds of doubt instead of seeds for hope.

We all must put on our big boys/girl pants and forget politics and remember we are a country not a company and if the little people fall there will be no one left to rebuild this nation and any amount of money won’t save you.

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