Boomer Bag Blues

After I reached the counter of my local grocery store the young girl asked me what was on my rag bag and had a look and it was the younger er versions of 4 State Premiers and one Prime Minister, underlined by QLD Labor.

She seemed hesitant after that to converse and I understood in her role it may have been a “silent moment”.

On leaving the clear park I thought it was sad that it just seeing a piece of rag screen print makes a young person so defensive these days.

I suppose at that age I was a interested enough to be politically aware, probably been on a few protests and listened and understood the political landscape all before my 17th birthday.

I’d been involved in disputes to gain a lunch room, showers, sick pay, compensation, overtime rates, safety shoes, overalls, adequate staging to stand on when working at heights, just to name just a few all now taken as granted by the today’s society.

Many of these “New Age” people have never fought for a thing in their working life, in fact they may have traded off some of those conditions fought with often actual starvation charity from fellow workers in support, knowing well if we won a dispute it would flow on to them.

It would be hypocritical of me to just blame our present society as they had to get their education from some where and that parental history often was ignored as they too rode on the back of the Union gains without loosing a penny.

They just took and often ridiculed the worker who did the hard yards and that is happening today by the majority now living on their Superannuation that was fought for in the branches pressuring the politicians to change living standards, and it really sickens me when people are totally ignorant of industrial history nationally and internationally.

At this point I do not discount one minute those who have chose to work for themselves, the entrepreneur, the person who takes a punt on his/her instinct or being in a family business, it’s tough I know, but that was my choice, my punt and like any punter you have to be prepared to loose too.

The inequality comes is when support is not proportional to the distance from the poverty line, and l now I hear the “socialist “ cries but if looking after the least equiped to survive is a crime then I’m guilty in trumps, and quite proud of it in fact.

The loss of education on how we built our living standard cannot be left to politicians as you will never get a balanced view, my education come from listening to the elders, the ones that saw progress from their pain not only in money but marriages and family ideologies.

They stood up and walked the walk, unlike today where if you went into a fight you have to have reservations on the person in the trench was prepared to hold the line or make a pathetic excuse check his shares or iPhone.

In closing it would be amiss of me not to mention and credit the women that stood by their man, run the house and kids lives as best they could, they gave the men and women on the streets the support and confidence that their fight was a good fight, and if that was to happen today would that character re-emerge?

I live in hope but………excuses come cheap and blame is important strategically.

Truth over Murdock Propaganda Critical in Australia.

I try to look at election campaigns across the free world objectively and I do hold my own political biases but we must rely on the media to give deliver truth, ethics and that in itself is sometimes is a problem depending on which outlet one chooses to read.

The line between news, opinion then verging on propaganda in this country sadly is mirroring America and this campaign is descending into that gutter by the Murdock press.

We have seen in past elections attacks on PM’s openly saying bag and drown the bitch, burn the witch, and many other slogans prominently splattered across mastheads and now we are sinking into attacks on politicians mothers.

Has Australian politics sunk that far or is it being dragged down by this organisation to keep what it sees as the right people to keep its organisation with a say in how our governments run?

We as Australians deserve better than this rubbish. We should not accept material that an never be described as journalism.

I am well aware this paper is owned by Murdock and it does not reflect its owners, as we do have editors around the country that maintain journalistic standards clearly reported when Palmer Party tried to ethically corrupt.

I’m pretty sure most intelligent Australians will not accept this American style of confronting intimidatory politics and demand balanced reporting, however painful it might be to our egos.

Strategic Sub Editing but the point was not lost, only the culprit hidden. 😂

Fake Fibre Obsolete On Delivery

As a former employee of Telstra and well trained in the capabilities of what the fibre network is capable of from its inception I struggle with what Australians have been forced to accept with the present NBN.

The network being rolled out as we speak is obselete in its present form and its capacity deliberately limited by this government to retain and protect current media monopolies.

When introduced in its infancy traffic in the fibre tubes was limited, but as technology expanded the capacity is only governed by what is hung on the end, therefore not only businesses ,households, the elderly sent to nursing homes, the sick or injured could have equipment ( health packs as invisaged) available in home ,with direct access to doctors and nursing staff and mobile doctors 24/7 cutting costs across the entire health spectrum. This is only one sector that has been restricted by this governments decision to retain copper and deliver a split network, one for the masses and one for the clients that can reap the benefits if they are wealthy enough.

Communication was legislated as a essential service in this country until privatisation, so their is no reason to get excited when you get a pay for a service that could deliver much more for the same cost, and that equation applies nationally.

It’s like buying a brand new car with 3 good tires and a retread and a free bumper bar thrown in.

Editorial Cut Sees My Health references irrelevant

Laser Lady Departs

With my record I would be the last to be seen as a supporter of Julie Bishop. Her ruthlessness in representing James Hardie in the Bernie Banton days supported by Abbott made us victims of asbestos never forget.
She carried that mantle into her parliamentary career and although I debated intently against her political beliefs I respected her opinions and her loyalty to her cause.
She held herself above that of her party colleagues yet had to tolerate them and at times I’m sure was disgusted with their antics particularly in the Gillard times when the Abbot and this government were waging a war not on politics but the female sex achieving the top job in the land.
That ideology of male inner culture of supremacy within the Liberal Party was and still exists, and is why she is taking her leave in my view.
As foreign minister she represented our country with dignity and class exceeding any of her parties predecessors.
The media does not go unchallenged as they too as they did with Gillard made infantile references to dress, shoes, fashion issues and disrespectful language over the substance of being a nations highly elected representative.
Bishop as is Gillard will not fade into obscurity as the Old Boys Club wish, they will continue to stand and speak well above the intellectual capacity of their knockers, and personally I am proud I support a Party that has recognised the value of women in politics and walked the walk not just talk the talk.

Time for our Youth To Shine.

Oh dear, the older we get the more wiser we are supposed to become.

We will always get those who think the old days were the best, the lifestyles were simple, so that’s good enough for us today, why change, and Now that group has become a political movement.

I’m a 50’s kid and we lived a dream compared to our parents, but ask our parents now if they lived a dream you will get a completely opposite response.

I’m yet to see those pushing the Trumpian ideology of protectionism, anti climate, anti migration, anti equal women’s opportunities, racial and religious divide, provide one forward thinking policy. They see our countries future is to go backwards to the way it was.

The hate youth involvement because it shakes the foundations of what is your place in society , your too young to understand, the cry, forgetting that youth today has 1000 times the access to information that was only available when a newspaper was finished being read or when the radio TV was turned on.

At 21 I could not have a beer in a pub but I could go to war at 19. Only the well off could go to university regardless if you had the talent, as long as you had the money, while the state school kids had to fight for a single grant, and the trades were regarded as the lower end of the class divide., and the shop assistants and labourers were servants.

They will have you believe they were the good times, and they were for the privalaged.

I see a case in today’s world for the voting age to be dropped to 16 as those young people today know and are aware and mature as much as some of the so called adult punters that go to the polls and vote informal deliberately, or turn up just to avoid fines.

We’ve run our race, started wars, split nations, invented weapons, diseases to destroy the the planet, yet say to our youth your too young.

What utter rot.

The LNP’s Trump Faction hard at work.

I would be the last person to tell the LNP how to do their business, however putting that aside I do take issue with the media description of them having a “female” problem within their ranks.

The truth is they have a “male” problem and if you look at their team sheet the line up speaks fo itself. People like Abbott, Abetts, Dutton, O’Sullivan, supported by the Kroger’s support fed by Jones and Hadley and Sky after Dark no wonder the boys club mentality sets a very slanted platform for any person who wishes to contribute let alone a female.

Personally,politically, I hope they don’t change, dig coal, close the borders, deny climate change. Reject renewables, and bully women out of the way, but that’s not good for our nation, any nation, and Victorians agreed, Saturday.

We need to install a government/governments that will look to our future, provide adequate and timely infrastructure and jobs with plans for our kids and elderly that will accommodate our growing population, and stop the scaremongering and fabricating excuses for ideology incompetence, and the real question is the LNP prepared to pay price of keeping the Trump faction worth loosing women’s participation at the ballot box..

The baseball caps have it Scomo.

Human Capital just Collateral Damage. 

 Six billion dollar profit leads to a 6 thousand job loss and the carnage continues. 

In a few short years we have witnessed the collapse of the automotive industry, major manufacturing and service industries closing or moving offshore, and closer to home our meat workers and process plants leaving thousands of employees, subsidiary industries employees and suppliers destitute or close to it all in the name of greater returns to business or shareholders. 

We have come to a stage where Human Capital/Workers are just collateral damage to the corporations. Use them, then dump them, when it’s time to consolidate.

The trickle down ideology has failed, capitalism is failing world wide, while the nations who invest in their own people and infrastructure and treat them accordingly are emerging as new world powers.

I have heard the cat calls of Socialist all my life, but when I ask what is the future of your child or grand child if the present trend of use and abuse continues they have no answer but agree the gap between the rich and working poor grows daily. 

The glory days are over, robotic technology will replace most repetitive jobs so us humans need to consider if sharing in the nations wealth system out ways that of being drip fed at some corporates pleasure, and vote accordingly. 

The Right ideology fails the test.

Ask yourself how could a government with a majority of 95% on the floor of the House get smashed in their first term.
Quite simple really. What you do is put big business in control of your decisions on the economy, so as to suit them, then try and sell the assets to the big business mates, then trash all enviourement conditions that hinder your party donors.
Oh yes, then create a fictitious Debt to to drive down wages and conditions, sack public servants and sub contract those Jobs out or just forget the service they provided and tell people they have to pay for things they have they have already paid for through taxes…
That’s it, in short put money ahead of people, base all decisions on money, and abandon any social conscious.. But tell them it’s good for the country…
Yes, they did all of the above are were obliterated.
But how many governments sell the same crap to their people and they believe it????
Well let me tell you austerity does not creat wealth, it stymies it. Monkeys can cut, but it takes lateral thinking to creat and grow economies and you have to bring the people along with you. Negative thinking is the only weapon the right have, and it works for a while until the penny drops on the Intellegent ones, but unfortunately common sense does not grow in everybody’s garden…
Well Queensland Australia decided enough was enough and one term of Right Wing ideology was totally UnAustralian, and totally rejected Rupert Murdock’s trash press and slime bag comments, and all of a sudden the rest of Australia have realised our Federal Government is exactly the same as Newman’s and are just waiting to vent their spleen.
Fact is when Labor in Queensland was voted out the people did not actually vote Newman in, same with Abbott. They wanted to shake the governments up and rightly so in any democracy but they got a taste of what the money men do to fill their own pockets and said NO!!
Saturday’s decision was a correction, I believe and a message to all politicians from all sides, don’t ever take the punters lightly as the bum you are kicking today is the one you may be kissing tomorrow.


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