Self Monuments are Inappropriate

It’s refreshing to see our Mayor and new councillors reviewing the policy and habit of past councillors erecting monuments to themselves.

To be clear and contrary to many beliefs they are public servants and they work for is ratepayers, we are the boss, an pay them to perform, and before the tribal followers of past servants erupt I would encourage them to look up Ipswich City Council Conduct Register and they may discover some furphies they’ve swallowed we’re not fact.

The commission chose not to peruse complaints if the councillor indicated or swore they would not seek re-election as I imagine a cost saving decision for the ratepayers legality and labour, certainly not a get out of jail free card as portrayed by some.

As I have stated it’s sad to that all past councillors were swept up in the sterilising process of the CCC as some were new and naive to the “Culture” but that ignorance should never happen again as long as full Corporate Governance is applied and monitored independently.

Wayne Offer

Keeping Council Under Watch

First rule of the change process is to inform the people involved what is the new direction intended and listen to the usually negative arguments as they usually highlight underlying often personal reasons of why change cannot be achieved. The council debate has achieved in that trumps.

For too long ipswich has been culturally divided by areas and demographics and it’s time we matured into a city of one direction where transparency of the our ratepayers rates distribution should be seen as fair and calculated.

The days of “look at me what I have done in my patch” mentality was highlighted when none of the old councillors allegedly knew what was going on across the entire council and run to their bunkers when the hammer fell. That’s pathetic corporate governance, and undeniable.

As stated by the administrator the new elected councillors will have to have broader skills and adaptability, and as a resident I too have to adjust. From a place where our one streetlight was a cause for a party to a place where our population is increasing that much the infrastructure cannot cope, the days of town and country reluctantly but factually are over. The city expansion and all its ugly traits are here and we not only need good councillors on the ground we need good competent administrators to provide ongoing advice and support across the entire spectrum of our local council areas.

Like it or not, local governments are not stand alone entities and are arms of state governments and when the dust has settled we will still need the oversight of statutory authorities like the CCC and the press freedom and vigilance to ensure we never revert to our previous state of disfunctuallity. .

Councillors Dynasty’s Dissolved.

Finally Hinchliffe and the CCC has delivered the facts on why this council is being dismissed it could be no longer disputed that culture within is the root cause and cannot be changed.

Unfortunately when long standing appointments to public office occurs those cultures are created and at times used to retain office.. Many writers in this column have been called by sitting members if their opinions clash, and all hell breaks if you are seen to support a challenger at the polls. It will be remembered and reminded when dynasties are challenged.

Ken Aldertons point on the dissolution of divisions must be a priority of the Administrators if culture change is to be rebuilt, encouraging lobbying groups to deal with the council as a whole and not individual one on one entities.

Yes, prepare yourself for the cry’s that will be loud and long as long time power bases loose their insider statuses but that’s exactly what the CCC has highlighted as part of endemic problem within Council.

I’m sure other Councils have structures that do not cost ratepayers for permanent individual office sites ,staffing where ratepayers can have direct local contact for community organisations and needs, with Councillors with delegated roles for the entire council areas delivering full accountable transparency for each and every portfolio.

We as ratepayers demand clean air and again my thoughts are with the new appointees as they did not know or believed the toxic culture that still is regarded as normal for those who still cry foul.

Whistleblowers need Protection 

The dust has settled after our council election and punch lines of transparency daily as the CCC continues its investigations I cannot recall one statement or assurance that council employees would be covered and supported by whistleblower indemnity locally. We many have reorganised the deck chairs at the top table but until this council is prepared to guarantee no employee will be sacked or discriminated against on the record the words of change are sceptical to say the least. 

The former council structure was in power for 17 years and culture does not change on one Saturday night so if we are to believe total transparency, then these employees must not be impeded if they choose to stand up and should be encouraged. 

Jo Anne Miller is that Messanger 

We are a fickle lot. How often do we ostracise the politicians for following the Party line on issues like the upcoming postal vote, climate change and others knowing full well the person you elected was in favour of the direction the electorate wishes but had to vote to keep his or her job or endorsment.

On the other hand we get a politician will step outside the tent and we ostracise them for being not a team player, a traitor even and they demand resignations.

On both scenarios the polly is well aware how they got their leather seat but sometimes their comes a time when your personal principals and the brotherhood’s directions clash and a personal decision has to be made on what is good for me and what is the right thing to do according to his or her principals with the full knowledge of the inevitable backlash, loss of friends or acquaintances, family exposure to innuendo public and private, some may say comes with the territory once you sign on to politics and depending on who’s side of politics you support

Taking the above into consideration surely the member for Bundamba’s revelations on have to be investigated throughly by the CCC from top to bottom with no exceptions or the new direction we have been promised with still have the dirty washing sitting in the Council Chamber every time it sits .

Let’s not shoot the messenger here, let the truth be heard warts and all.

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