Councillors Dynasty’s Dissolved.

Finally Hinchliffe and the CCC has delivered the facts on why this council is being dismissed it could be no longer disputed that culture within is the root cause and cannot be changed.

Unfortunately when long standing appointments to public office occurs those cultures are created and at times used to retain office.. Many writers in this column have been called by sitting members if their opinions clash, and all hell breaks if you are seen to support a challenger at the polls. It will be remembered and reminded when dynasties are challenged.

Ken Aldertons point on the dissolution of divisions must be a priority of the Administrators if culture change is to be rebuilt, encouraging lobbying groups to deal with the council as a whole and not individual one on one entities.

Yes, prepare yourself for the cry’s that will be loud and long as long time power bases loose their insider statuses but that’s exactly what the CCC has highlighted as part of endemic problem within Council.

I’m sure other Councils have structures that do not cost ratepayers for permanent individual office sites ,staffing where ratepayers can have direct local contact for community organisations and needs, with Councillors with delegated roles for the entire council areas delivering full accountable transparency for each and every portfolio.

We as ratepayers demand clean air and again my thoughts are with the new appointees as they did not know or believed the toxic culture that still is regarded as normal for those who still cry foul.

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