Jo Anne Miller is that Messanger 

We are a fickle lot. How often do we ostracise the politicians for following the Party line on issues like the upcoming postal vote, climate change and others knowing full well the person you elected was in favour of the direction the electorate wishes but had to vote to keep his or her job or endorsment.

On the other hand we get a politician will step outside the tent and we ostracise them for being not a team player, a traitor even and they demand resignations.

On both scenarios the polly is well aware how they got their leather seat but sometimes their comes a time when your personal principals and the brotherhood’s directions clash and a personal decision has to be made on what is good for me and what is the right thing to do according to his or her principals with the full knowledge of the inevitable backlash, loss of friends or acquaintances, family exposure to innuendo public and private, some may say comes with the territory once you sign on to politics and depending on who’s side of politics you support

Taking the above into consideration surely the member for Bundamba’s revelations on have to be investigated throughly by the CCC from top to bottom with no exceptions or the new direction we have been promised with still have the dirty washing sitting in the Council Chamber every time it sits .

Let’s not shoot the messenger here, let the truth be heard warts and all.

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