Federal ICAC to Oversee Judicial Appointments.

It has been a well known in the legal profession that bullying and misogyny is common within its culture, so the revelations of the a Chief Justice has been called out by a independent investigation.

His controversial appointment and alliance to the conservative government is on the record, a situation that brings our justice system into a focus for all the wrong reasons.

I am a firm believer judicial appointments must be isolated from political influence or intervention, and have a body similar to a federal ICAC oversee all judicial appointments, state and federally.

Our justice system can never be allowed to follow the American path, and should never be a tool of any political whim or payback.

I am very concerned about the wedge politics played by this government, playing state against state in Covid crisis, the mirroring of American racial attitudes emerging here in Australia, and our government responses truly Trumpian be it ministers or backbenchers.

With our media opinion taking a higher profile than factual reporting, our fallback legal professions independence and faith in the system cannot be compromised by political noise or propaganda regardless of who you support, so I see no reason why Judicial Appointment should not be a part of a Federal ICAC which this government promised last election and still have failed to act on.

That’s not surprising is it?

Wayne Offer

Some One Had To Fight.

Another person did not make it home after a days work as the toll rises.

Cast your mind back to when this government was screaming for minister resignations when the pink bats issue was the issue yet the rise under their watch goes unspoken.

Fact is they have to make a decision on who to support. The profit of the coal magnates or the Safety of the Workers.

They cut the red tape on industrial laws and regulations, legislated against union protection deeming it as militant so expecting this government to support the CFMEU in its role to protect workers is beyond its political ethic let alone it moral ethic.

Blame however is not one sided. Union and non union workers too have traded off conditions, hard fought conditions by previous workers for the mighty dollars and here too the chook has come home to roost.

This industry and many others need a reset, but it will take workers to wake up the unions have a extremely important role in making sure the family unit is protected when you go to your place of employment and that is about to be challenged on the floor of Parliament.

No other business or company is required by law to protect people and conditions in their industry without any contribution. Unions have role yet the non members still get the benefits the payers have won. . Fair? You be the judge but remember when your in your lunch room, or on holidays or on sick or compensation or pension some one had to fight for you to have that.

Sorry silly me , it’s all about you in today’s society isn’t it?

Aboriginal Heritage Came before the Tragic Train.

As the. Media reels in the tragedy of the Notre Dam fire and records the world shock and pity of the 800 year old structure and artefacts lost or damaged could we please take a step back and look at what we are doing to our 80,000 year Aboriginal heritage and that is challenged daily by nature, bulldozers,  selective memory loss or just plain ignorance. 
We have the oldest Culture on the planet  and its history just  within  hours to all of us  on this island if we choose to accept that fact and although it may not fit with the teachings of some beliefs the artwork and history and  authenticity is  undeniable.
No one is donating billions  of dollars to keep this history let alone recreate it to its former greatness because its destroyed and anything else would be a fake disservice  to its creators. Those memories are left with respect to ancestors families to pass on but that does not stop us newer inhabitants from learning, appreciating and respecting. 
Its easy copy to look elsewhere and get on the tragic train but can we just take the time to appreciate what we have and preserve what is left. We owe that to mankind all over the world as  we are the keepers of history far before any cities, buildings or paintings were created. 

Capped Political Campaigns Stems Corruption

At what point is it when government becomes a servant to lobbyists, foreign nations, and big business?

The Australian Labor Party, exPrime Ministers, Current Opposition Leaders and Unionists have been subject to Royal Commissions, Federal Raids, and Ministerial sackings all in the hope that corruption can be proven either personal or institutional with Dastayari being the casualty of basic stupidity he will probably admit to.

Saturday we witness the Poker Machine industry and the Gun Lobby sponsor a campaign but we are not allowed to see to what extent until 6months after the election. So what was the deal struck? No one gives money without payback.

Chinese government investors have pumped cash into South Australian Liberals for the upcoming state election the same offence Dastayari got rolled for and the media is silent but are very vocal if union cash from Australian workers want representation. And nothing more has to be said about where the fossil fuel industry’s cash ends up.

My point is all elections state ,federal, local should have capped campaigns, full live political donations broadcast across all media outlets not just web site releases available only to those who are tech savvy.

Media outlets should not be exempt and “in kind” advertising in lue of cash reveals to what extent they are balanced or slanted in political opinion or factual copy.

Yes “Live Fact Check” re launch and legislated in total as a independent authority as is the electoral commission.

The world is witnessing the extent of power the NRA has over politicians in America and it’s going that way here if we do not act now and I’m sure all parties will give lip service to the above but the extent they act is totally dependant on to what extent our government and media is committed to the real deal or is playing their piper’s tune

Please be aware the copy in Bold Print was left out of the Queensland Times Letters to the Editor.

All Logied Out

Well I hope your all Logied out by now and able to sit down and have a cup of tea.
Well what did we see yesterday that we have not seen before?
May is suggest nothing, just the actors have had a change. Same old talk it up,dress it up,ho hum we have to go through to make a few egos bigger and give the parasites of pizzas self justification.
Yes they are in a profession, a good one when your in work and not so good when your not, and you do have to make hay when its your turn if your lucky enough to get a gong, but why is it that different to any other tradesman or tradeswomen winning a contract to support their livelihood?
No, unlike the impersonators, they have to be themselves, no one writes their scrips, tells them where to stand and dress, or say.
I suppose I am being a little harsh but far to often these actors/impersonators do have far to much impact on the gullible. Some unfortunates think they are real! Some worship them as gods!
It seems once you go into a movie you are supposed to leave reality out the door, and that’s fine but when you forget to pick it up after the movie that’s when all of us are in strife.
Even our so called political leaders are quoting script from movies to enhance their standing amongst the numb nuts, actors talking to chairs and lets not go near the singers who get movie gigs.
We wonder why our kids get stupid ideas, do stupid things they see a vast majority of adults incapable or unwilling to accept the difference between fantasy ,fiction and fact and I concede many actors do excellent charity work, they and their industry need to remind the public they are only playing a part, and its not life.


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