Capped Political Campaigns Stems Corruption

At what point is it when government becomes a servant to lobbyists, foreign nations, and big business?

The Australian Labor Party, exPrime Ministers, Current Opposition Leaders and Unionists have been subject to Royal Commissions, Federal Raids, and Ministerial sackings all in the hope that corruption can be proven either personal or institutional with Dastayari being the casualty of basic stupidity he will probably admit to.

Saturday we witness the Poker Machine industry and the Gun Lobby sponsor a campaign but we are not allowed to see to what extent until 6months after the election. So what was the deal struck? No one gives money without payback.

Chinese government investors have pumped cash into South Australian Liberals for the upcoming state election the same offence Dastayari got rolled for and the media is silent but are very vocal if union cash from Australian workers want representation. And nothing more has to be said about where the fossil fuel industry’s cash ends up.

My point is all elections state ,federal, local should have capped campaigns, full live political donations broadcast across all media outlets not just web site releases available only to those who are tech savvy.

Media outlets should not be exempt and “in kind” advertising in lue of cash reveals to what extent they are balanced or slanted in political opinion or factual copy.

Yes “Live Fact Check” re launch and legislated in total as a independent authority as is the electoral commission.

The world is witnessing the extent of power the NRA has over politicians in America and it’s going that way here if we do not act now and I’m sure all parties will give lip service to the above but the extent they act is totally dependant on to what extent our government and media is committed to the real deal or is playing their piper’s tune

Please be aware the copy in Bold Print was left out of the Queensland Times Letters to the Editor.

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