Fake Fibre Obsolete On Delivery

As a former employee of Telstra and well trained in the capabilities of what the fibre network is capable of from its inception I struggle with what Australians have been forced to accept with the present NBN.

The network being rolled out as we speak is obselete in its present form and its capacity deliberately limited by this government to retain and protect current media monopolies.

When introduced in its infancy traffic in the fibre tubes was limited, but as technology expanded the capacity is only governed by what is hung on the end, therefore not only businesses ,households, the elderly sent to nursing homes, the sick or injured could have equipment ( health packs as invisaged) available in home ,with direct access to doctors and nursing staff and mobile doctors 24/7 cutting costs across the entire health spectrum. This is only one sector that has been restricted by this governments decision to retain copper and deliver a split network, one for the masses and one for the clients that can reap the benefits if they are wealthy enough.

Communication was legislated as a essential service in this country until privatisation, so their is no reason to get excited when you get a pay for a service that could deliver much more for the same cost, and that equation applies nationally.

It’s like buying a brand new car with 3 good tires and a retread and a free bumper bar thrown in.

Editorial Cut Sees My Health references irrelevant

Laser Lady Departs

With my record I would be the last to be seen as a supporter of Julie Bishop. Her ruthlessness in representing James Hardie in the Bernie Banton days supported by Abbott made us victims of asbestos never forget.
She carried that mantle into her parliamentary career and although I debated intently against her political beliefs I respected her opinions and her loyalty to her cause.
She held herself above that of her party colleagues yet had to tolerate them and at times I’m sure was disgusted with their antics particularly in the Gillard times when the Abbot and this government were waging a war not on politics but the female sex achieving the top job in the land.
That ideology of male inner culture of supremacy within the Liberal Party was and still exists, and is why she is taking her leave in my view.
As foreign minister she represented our country with dignity and class exceeding any of her parties predecessors.
The media does not go unchallenged as they too as they did with Gillard made infantile references to dress, shoes, fashion issues and disrespectful language over the substance of being a nations highly elected representative.
Bishop as is Gillard will not fade into obscurity as the Old Boys Club wish, they will continue to stand and speak well above the intellectual capacity of their knockers, and personally I am proud I support a Party that has recognised the value of women in politics and walked the walk not just talk the talk.

The LNP’s Trump Faction hard at work.

I would be the last person to tell the LNP how to do their business, however putting that aside I do take issue with the media description of them having a “female” problem within their ranks.

The truth is they have a “male” problem and if you look at their team sheet the line up speaks fo itself. People like Abbott, Abetts, Dutton, O’Sullivan, supported by the Kroger’s support fed by Jones and Hadley and Sky after Dark no wonder the boys club mentality sets a very slanted platform for any person who wishes to contribute let alone a female.

Personally,politically, I hope they don’t change, dig coal, close the borders, deny climate change. Reject renewables, and bully women out of the way, but that’s not good for our nation, any nation, and Victorians agreed, Saturday.

We need to install a government/governments that will look to our future, provide adequate and timely infrastructure and jobs with plans for our kids and elderly that will accommodate our growing population, and stop the scaremongering and fabricating excuses for ideology incompetence, and the real question is the LNP prepared to pay price of keeping the Trump faction worth loosing women’s participation at the ballot box..

The baseball caps have it Scomo.

S.A. Punters De-Feathered Downer.

Now the dust has settled on Super Saturday and the combatants have each claimed victory according to their spin doctors the one battle played out in South Australia highlighted the fact the electorate will not be taken as fools and judged accordingly.

The absolute arrogance of the Downer dynasty to imply that the reason she was defeated by the independent was because new blow in electors did not realise the family name and its history was the reason for schelacking.

The born to rule DNA was even more entrenched when she declared she would recontest instantly totally extinguishing any party preselection process, in her mind.

The fact she was parachuted in from her gifted IPA appointment, and not living in the State was totally disregarded when questioned about why the electorate rejected as her arrogance ran roughshod.

My faith in the democratic process delivering justice was elevated with this result as it demonstrated the punters do know if they are being treated as fools and hope the rest of the nation looks at policy and not people when we head for the next federal election.

This about nails the article.. Thanks The Guardian..

first dog on the moon..


One Law Stands on Citizenship. 

 Watching the high court decision fall on the politicians who broke the law, therefore claimed false wages and conditions and wondered if they were just average employees or dare I say trade unionists or Centrelink recipients would this government have commenced recovery proceedings if not fraud charges before the end of the day. Some surrendered while others denied to the death and hoped. 

Genuine mistakes, ignorance, poor research or blame mummy and daddy all excuses that are used daily by kids in primary school.

The facts are these people were paid by us to do a job they were not qualified to do. Made decisions they were not legally qualified to do, and if they were tradesmen or professionals they would be charged accordingly.

So the test is will common law, the law that applies to normal everyday Australians be applied to those who see themselves exempt due to the fact their political party failed to comply on accepting their nominations.?

Will they charge the law or introduce a whoopsie legislation only for them?

They didn’t do it when they cut health cards and chased alleged overpayments for the Centrelink, in many cases that was proved governments computer interfacing errors, but that’s a different class of people in our society isn’t it ? 

One law for all and no get out of jail free cards please. 

Australia turning Hard Right…




I suppose you could say we have had a pretty good perspective of what we in Australia can expect from our Conservotive Governments

It is a well known fact that any government that takes over will magically find out that thing are never what they expected, and they have to do these “new” things to correct the bad things the former government has done. Yeah we heard it all before.

Well not quite, changing the right of association to talk to a  person they the government rule as criminal even though they have NEVER been charged with a offence, up to 5 years in the slammer.

Any person involved in a group of more than 3 who they the government regard as could be part of a criminal Element without proof can be charged.

Wearing a tattoo or a accessory that displays what they regard as a criminal element, arrest and possible jail.

Yes this is Australia we are talking about, not Russia or Nazi Germany, a democracy allegedly.

Then we have a Federal Government not just backflipping on elected promises but totally lying to the electorate on campaign promises that cannot be denied. Politicians practicing nepotism, and caught thieving from the public funds.

The Public Watchdog Committee sacked after exposing a member lying. Yes this is Australia!!! 

And they the born to rule class see nothing wrong with any of the above. They see themselves above the law and the only lawmaker that counts. 

Total Power= Total Corruption.

And what recourse does the rest of the population do while all this is happening? They are moving now to take the voting rights away from the people who are under privaligned, destitute, or unable to have proof of who they are, including our own indigenous population.

This is not the Australia we voted for, this is not a country that says the lower class workers are getting paid too much so the upper crust can make more profits. Cutting health services, education and support for the aged while supporting the upper class handouts is not Australian Fair Go. It’s something a Right Wing Capitalist see as the normal where the entire world revolves around the dollar.

How often have we heard the pathetic simplistic paraphrase that the The Country is like the corner grocery shop? If it Fails to run at a profit it closes. What a load of CRAP. Only a total idiot would believe that, and expect a thinking person to accept that, but that’s the audience the LNP and other Right Wing supporters expect the masses to believe that their country is even similar to a corner store. But that’s about the mentality where social conscious is never a consideration. 

Sadly I feel we are in very dangerous times in our nations history. A Prime Minister and the Queensland Premier who are totally out of their depth being governed by Murdock Press, Tea Party advisers from outside the country and a ultra right wing ideology that can only come from the Hitler era. 

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