S.A. Punters De-Feathered Downer.

Now the dust has settled on Super Saturday and the combatants have each claimed victory according to their spin doctors the one battle played out in South Australia highlighted the fact the electorate will not be taken as fools and judged accordingly.

The absolute arrogance of the Downer dynasty to imply that the reason she was defeated by the independent was because new blow in electors did not realise the family name and its history was the reason for schelacking.

The born to rule DNA was even more entrenched when she declared she would recontest instantly totally extinguishing any party preselection process, in her mind.

The fact she was parachuted in from her gifted IPA appointment, and not living in the State was totally disregarded when questioned about why the electorate rejected as her arrogance ran roughshod.

My faith in the democratic process delivering justice was elevated with this result as it demonstrated the punters do know if they are being treated as fools and hope the rest of the nation looks at policy and not people when we head for the next federal election.

This about nails the article.. Thanks The Guardian..

first dog on the moon..


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