Our Afternoon on a Polling Booth.

I was scoured at, swore at, abused, hugged and thanked. Such is a afternoon on a polling booth handing out pictures.

All was a direct result of what the punters state of mind was on the way to the polls and influenced by what they had seen or heard via the media.. Democracy takes on different personas according to each individual but it does bring out behaviours often concealed but revealed in the final steps to polling booth door.

I saw youth who’s futures are influenced by governments directly scrunch up all handouts as a act of defiance to the volunteers. I saw people in uniform who’s lives depend on good Government decisions boast and laugh at making pirates or other luny tunes famous allegedly by gaining their tick., and then older people bitter about loosing income who had no idea about what franking credits were let alone qualify yet were convinced pensions would be cut and they would starve.

In my electorate alone over 6k were informal, nationally over 600k nationally indicate it just got either too hard to understand of they are too lazy to try to understand and democracy is a inconvenience, but the most worrying thing I feel is our country is adopting the terminology used of defining people and our society of being Lifters or Leaners, and that was not our culture, but after Saturday we may have moved closer to “up you I’m all right Jack” outlook for Australia.

Political agendas are set to appeal to what people see either effects them as individuals firstly and only or what effects our society first then, sow the flow on effect. My preference it to the latter as I believe we work better together as our nations forefathers did so we could get us where we are today.


The Vegan Dilemma

Many of us in our youth took to the streets if we felt civil protest was the only way to change governments or  Legislative powers for the good of living conditions of our fellow workers or democratic rights were challenged. 
The vegan protest philosophies  however, do not fall into that category in my view and are based on core beliefs on how humans should exist today compared on how we got here over evolution. 
To be clear from the onset I am not and never will accept animal cruelty, but we have to accept the fact  the food chain exists and right down to the basic kitchen gecko chasing mosquitos to lions chasing gazelle we humans come from  carnivores and changing that will never happen, but like all beliefs be it spiritual,  political, or society changing we are entitled to have them, even live by them , but we are not entitled to force them upon others in their own homes. 
I feel invaded when people turn up wanting to convert me to their beliefs as do many, but that does not stop the right of those people holding them but forcing them by invasion is not the way to go. 
I feel deeply in  todays world animal experiments should be a thing of the past, our science should have expanded past that age, but we cannot change the way we evolved, agreed not pretty in places but to be brutally honest we as humans do much more damage to each other in daily life physically and mentally on this planet than we do to when we take to survive and maybe that’s where our own back yard would be a good place to start to clean up first. 

Invisible People with Invisible Disabilities with Invisible Support.

I wish to raise a subject on behalf of people beligned by our present society by the broad term of dole bludgers.

I agree some people use the system out of pure laziness often stretching back generations however there are some very desperate people caught up in broad perception projected by our politicians that are living a life in abject poverty and can do nothing to break out.

They are the physically disabled, the mentally ill, the ones that just can’t work and do not transition to a disability pension or are in transition or cannot get through the NDS mazes alone.

Support Services for these people has been cut or does not exist so they are left in their houses or rooms if they are fortunate enough struggling to pay rent, food and usually medication last.

Suicide rates among these people is high unfortunately but suits the government data on unemployment hence low on the priority list.

Luckily some medics are sympathetic to this group but the social stigma stays when they have to venture into main stream population to get medications not on the PBS and struggle to pay at the counter.

This issue is not about raising the New Start allowance, although that would help greatly it’s about defining the people who are invisible in the present system.

This issue is in the too hard basket for many politicians regardless of allegiance.

The real issue is getting classification, getting approved or rejected then getting them into care be it NDS or Disability options, not letting them slowly fade into natural attrition.

We are supposed to have a surplus if we listen to the spin so let’s give the least able bodied people some life saving support.

Self Regulation in the Churches cannot be Trusted.

In the past week or so I have watched the wave of emotions surrounding the Pell decision and I am one who’s vote falls with the victims.

Sadly it’s not only one church or godly organisation that stands condemned it many. It’s not only one man it’s 100’s of years of perpetrators hidden, relocated or just plain tolerated to keep the cloth appearing sacred.

As a atheist I feel for those who’s faith in their gods and churches has been tarnished if not destroyed but I’m sure they will recover over time. They too are victims of this world wide culture of denial however I refuse to concede the churches do not have enough money to compensate the physical abuse.

I see church hierarchy’s bathed in gold, while their followers starve, struggle for food or justice and I appreciate the excellent work by the believers who work tirelessly across our nation as do the non clerical organisations helping our fellow travellers, but these “keepers of the cash” run the religion business’s ruthlessly as exposed by the commission.

My faith in our legal system is solid and justice will be done in the end, but after the dust settles who will watch the watchers as self regulation has proved totally inadequate for far too long.

Time for a Life Rethink I think.

As I sit here listening to my wife laughing and talking at a garage sale next door selling crap we just don’t need at our age or we have grown out of the habit or been outdated I do reflect on why I am here this morning and not at my beloved golf course as I have done in various tracks like Rosewood’s and Laidley every Saturday morning for about 30 years.

Yep off to golf, home and review the day, it’s ups and downs my performance and others, what to improve and what to do to improve. All in a bid to lower my handicap and give me some sense of pride in my ability to compete at the highest level I can.

Today I am asking that question about weather I have outdated the lifestyle of golf and all its glory and if golf now should be a pastime instead of the lifestyle it has been for decades.

I look at myself as a sportsman. A fair and honest sportsman. A person who wants to perform at the game highest level on my ability, a person who played off single figures for a short time but mainly hung around 10-13 for decades and shook cages in both B and A grades.

Now as I age, 69 this year and a bit of a lung issue, I find myself drifting out and not enjoying the fact that age and health are slowing me down. I don’t enjoy coming home shagged for two days. I don’t enjoy not performing and knowing I can do better but ….. I have challenged myself with equipment that probably does not suit my age group but I love the personal challenge fo dealing with something tough on the competition field and winning in some way even if it’s only self esteem.

I cannot except the fact it’s fun to have more shots on holes than anyone else. It’s not fun to underperform and be rewarded for it by letting your handicap slide out. That’s not how I play now or ever.

Old mans game and old mans thinking is not what I enjoy and I know the game caters for the majority of people at all levels, it’s my standards, my personal standards I respect more.

Maybe that attitude has been in my blood since I first started playing sport in football competitions back at 10 years old and have carried that in my playing and coaching career, later my trade and business career and now my ageing career.

I guess I’m looking for a new challenge. I think.. I love sport, I love the people who play sport, I love my fellow club members and their company but with time on this place getting shorter by the day I feel it’s time for rethink for what I can challenge myself to.

I have considered re entering the Football Coaching field as a advisory, a caddy for some youngster, a manager for a sportsperson, just to name a few and as you are aware I love writing and politics, which I might add gets me into a bit of strife at the club some times but is talked under hands when I leave.

We have bought a new Subaru Forrester Sport, the most challenging vehicle I have ever driven, and that’s saying a bit as I have driven heavy vehicles, 4x4s, buses and some sporty Mercedes Benz, all with different personalities but this one is special. I reminds you you are the driver and your expected habits compared to your actual habits.

It will upset those who know it all but embarrassing them might just save their life if they choose to take notice. It’s all about choice and ego I suppose.

Any way this is not solving my issues but I am enjoying the off-road trips and visiting places where wildlife is a little more natural. Both of us enjoy that freedom of just stop and listening to the silence and song of nature, and change from living on a main road drag trip at times.

Anyway I’ll still keep playing golf and with this drought going on that too is a pain as tee up takes another level of skill away from my toolkit and I get no jollies from teeing up driver on fairways at all. It’s embarrassing to the integrity of the golf course and inflates faulted egos.

In my football career which extended in semi pro coaching , when you beat a player and he has time to get up and bite your legs it time to consider retiring, you’ve proved you point but the game is catching you up and you will be only remembered by your last game… and I don’t want to be remembered as a old man who played who manipulated a system.

It’s a pastime now nothing more and let the battle for honour boards begin.. without me.

Grumpy old fart aren’t I? And proud of it too. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

PS Hope the garage sale is going well, if not she will be as pissed Ruby the dog is looking over the fence at them….

The Unrecognised Aussie of the Year

By the time this goes to press The Australian of the Year 2019 would have been named and celebrated and well deserved. Some excellent nominations from all walks of life representing diverse parts of our great Australian culture.
But.. could we pause for second and look at the how we come to selecting the nominees and the criteria of those nominees.
I totally support the nominees but maybe we could extend the range of qualifications outside the professionals who get paid to promote their selected causes and give a chance to those who are not as high profile, the quiet achiever, the unknown Australian who looks after the elderly, the nurse or the emergency worker, the tradesman, the volunteer, who delivers the patients or food to outside venues who just does his or her thing often for a lifetime but will never get a chance at the big gig.
Yes I know we have local/state awards but that should not exclude a nominee just because of his or her personal status profile. We are at last considering the balance of men and women across our society so maybe we could look at rebalancing the nominee process.
And yes I do not want to be on the selection Panel

Upholding Journalistic Standards

Maybe I’m one who should be honoured to get a run occasionally in this forum but I actually think public debate is good for democracy. To be honest I was one of the first to burr up about taking Courier Mail copy and pasting Bolt and Murray in my QT.

Over time I have realised it’s important to have them there as it allows the masses to judge where the benchmarks of journalism are set in Australia and it’s becoming quite clear those columns make people aware of the lower end of the debate.

When people aspire to take this country back to the Menzies era of white Australia, coal burning, climate ignorant, society and try and spin that as the good times do not have Australia and our grandkids future at heart.

The light has finally fallen on the conservative ranks that climate change is not a political football and the right wing nutters like Bolt And Murray are so far out of step with real Australians views their opinions will only add the present to governments struggle for credibility, so keep it up.

In regards to our ABC every government regardless of ideology has bellowed bias from its inception and that’s great for our democracy and the cries from the crackpots from the right who want to silence it highlights its importance of a broader perspective, on political and social issues which is not on the media barons agenda who desire to claim the entire debate on their networks and engineer it accordingly.

Merry Christmas and let’s get to the polls.

One Law for All

          Keating said LAW IS LAW.

Australia went to a plebiscite on Gay Marriage and endorsed it overwhlmly  and it was  passed int Law accordingly. Agreed not all accepted  the law but that’s democracy.
Im sure some people incarcerated disagree  that robbing from the rich and giving to the poor is also conflicts with their faith in human equality but I’m sure any calls for special treatment would be totally rejected, the law is the law.
So, calls from  faith based entities calling for the special right to discriminate in schools is similar to reclassifying the laws of theft into categories justified theft for those who honestly believe they are doing the right thing and illegal theft for the rest.
People choose to follow faith, some choose not to have faith, the law should apply to both regardless and none should have a divine right, or above common law.

Polling Complacency, a Danger to Our Culture.

The expulsion of the young Nationals should start the alarm bells ringing in all political institutions in Australia.

The simple fact the strategy was to infiltrate a major party and change political platforms in such a blatant way and go unchecked shows that our political systems can be influenced by the extreme be it left or right and the smaller parties are not exempt.

On social media I am seeing groups accelerate decisive propaganda preying on people’s emotions, encouraging religious and cultural divide, all in the name of being “Real Australians” a nationalistic trend that is happening across the globe by ult-right organisations. These groups thrive when people become political disenfranchised and results in people voting for the minors as a protest vote. Those minors are easy meat for the extremists as the structures are in place and the numbers easier to be stacked and then balance of power is the objective.

I am in favour of competition in our democracy but I do not want to see our divide grow as it has in America. We are smarter than that I hope, but let’s not fall into the trap that “all politicians and Parties are the same”, either, their not. Some ideologies are deadly serious to change our culture to one controlled by interest groups similar to the NRA.

Be aware punters, not complacent.

America worries Me, but so did Hitler.

Far be it us Australians dare to even think how the American thought process works in regard to their politics. I’m guilty and have been severely reprimanded for not knowing, understating, the culture and drawing comparisons is a capital offence, but as my football team motto is “MIA san MIA” I am who I am, we are who we are I will try to use the thing that has always got me into the shit, basic logic, to get some perspective on the collapse as I see it of once a great nation.

Firstly as I watch this Kavanah judge episode it’s clear to me now, as the new nominee blatantly sided with the Trump narrative in regards to due process, weather the accusations are right or wrong a potential judge should not allow personal opinion be part of his judgements. Process is process, and the process is flawed I agree but he knew or should have known he and his family would be scrutinised totally, but with a job for LIFE that scrutiny should be in undeniably microscopic.

Secondly, the summoning of the female was tough but again part of a flawed process and was I believed carried out with as much respect as possible under the circumstances.

Then, the bile the so called President released about her after at the rally was sickening, uncouth, from a person who displayed the intellect of a little boy in a schoolyard surrounded by his gang.

I, sorry the world must ask does this president have a disability? Aspergillosis, bipolar, even schizophrenia would explain his behaviour pattern, if not America you have elected a very dangerous potential dictator.

If Kavanah goes ahead and it will I feel every one that appears before him will have the right to challenge his neutrality and with the evidence he himself has made by declaring his hate for the Democrats would nullify or make his judgments untenable, in our country at least. The State and The Law never compromised, unless you want to go down the totallatarian road, and once that happens you have gestapo reigning society.

The divide of both political forces is slowly moving to a point where reconciliation is impossible under Trump. His survival depended on making that divide wider not closer, so next phase in my estimation is expansion of extreme civil disobedience, culminating in open conflict, which both sides fanatics will escalate into civil war.

The TV networks are setting the agendas and the battle lines are becoming clearer. The hard liners both sides are digging in, while no one seems to see bush fire coming.

Apathy and ignorance are the allies to those who choose to dumb down nations, and sadly with illiteracy level in America outnumbering our Australian population its easier to spread propaganda, fear and lies unchallenged.

Internationally the confidence in America has declined as it withdraws inwardly and some as here will see that as good, however the vacuum will be filled by whoever and the world will continue to trade with or without and make adjustments accordingly, so playing the “look at me card” as Trump did at the UN was only appreciated in his own mind while the response needed no explanation.

And lastly, when a President boasts of assault of women uses it as a election platform and gets elected says heaps about their so called Christian and ethical standings. I’m a atheist so it really amazes me how they use their beliefs to justify yet conveniently forget when it suits the narrative. It’s hypocrisy on stilts, the Christian ethic seems to only be in force Sunday’s while the other six days you can make arseholes of yourselves but you god will forgive you Sunday in church. That philosophy extends not only to America I may add it happens here too, but a nation who shoves its flag and religion up as some some sort of world order and treats any women who stands against the testosterone establishment as a inconvenient troublemaker, gold digger, lying bitch, slut, says heaps about the way their males are educated or not educated.

I’ve said enough as I wait for the high court decision and thank someone else’s god I live where I live.

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