Australia Deserves a Quality NBN

Well after 20 years in the nations biggest telecommunication companies and rolling out the initial optical fibre across my state of Queensland I think I may have a little knowledge about what the National Broadband Network will and won’t do, void of the political spin we are now being subjected to by our politicians, none of which have had any hands on experience to my knowledge..
Firstly Australia is a massive area and cannot be compared with any other nation in the world. As Great Britain fits into Queensland 3 times a cable could go from the top to the bottom of the nation and provide access to 20 million or more clients proving what software you put on the end of the fibre, while in Australia you could go that far and not have ONE customer. Been there done that.
The eastern side of Australia used to subsidise the the entire national network west do the dividing range, but privatisation stopped that and the West was abandoned to pair gains on a network designed for one pair one customer. Fine if the network was maintained but that was too costly so it was handed over to the only do enough to keep it going policy.
It’s costly out west and that’s where “the fuck you I’m all right Jack” policy of the silver tails in the cities got their ADSL while the bush was still on dial up.
The LNP is going to give the bush the ADSL Home Brand Network under Abbott again if elected.
The NBN must be rolled out ONCE and do it for the whole Nation not just the profitable areas or again the bush will be continue to be second class clients.
The hate of public assets being in public hands is part of LNP DNA and telecommunications in today’s world cannot be trusted to Big Business as they will only look after themselves then eliminate the opportunities of competition of the lower sectors.
Vote for this network, or swallow the Turnbull spin you and your grandchildren will be condemned to catch up technology for decades not of your choice but of what “they” choose to allow you to have.
From one of thousands of Baggy Arsed Liney who took pride building the best network in the world until greed was prioritise ahead of each and every Australians right for quality communication wherever you lived to run your business and Family.


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