Royal Commission into Turnbulls Fake NBN. 

As a former TELSTRA worker in the time when when the Australian people actually owned the network it truly annoys me when I watch the debacle we have been forced to accept by this federal government with their fake NBN. Not withstanding the actual rollout issues, the elderly in particular are being screwed as the battery exchanges are decommissioned and the equipment used will have to be upgraded if it’s not NBN friendly. The 24 hour battery backup promised if a outage occurred has disappeared and mobiles will be required in emergencies all at the customers cost. 

It’s now conceded the capacity promised and payed for cannot be delivered over the copper/fibre network and refunds are being progressed. I will make the point this is not the carriers fault, it was a design issue that was deliberately impregnated to reduce the capacity to maintain the current cable monopoly, and knowing exactly what could have been delivered to what is being delivered frustrates many of us who were educated in fibre networks on the initial roll outs nationally. 

Progressing the network in its present design is a time bomb as it will collapse when the unmaintained copper fails and we the consumer will have to pay to install the fibre gap. 

It’s becoming obvious by our crashing in world standings on fibre capacity delivery that this network is a total dud and we need to set up a entity of communication professionals supported by a Royal Commission to investigate and re strategise delivery quality, ahead of political pay backs. 



Basic Voice a Essential Service to the Elderley 

The NBN debacle delivered by the Turnbull government is leaving many elderly and incapacitated people totally stranded in the whirlpool of competition for their basic telephone service. With exchanges shutting down, voice only services will be delivered by the NBN by VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) changing the way the basic service is delivered.

These people who only need the basic service, the service they have paid for and serviced them will be forced to decide which provider and the cheapest to select to maintain basic communication to their families and support teams. 

To provide that basic service will cost NBN less than the cost of cup of coffee as the switching will be done automatically as part of the cutover. Their business is data not voice, so that basic voice service should be standard across the nation and take the profiteer provider level out of the equation. 

It goes back to the question “is a basic telephone a essential service”? 

That Communication Act Clause should be reinstated as governments encourage the elderly and in-firmed treated at home rather than clogging the hospital systems. 


Legislate to Designate NBN a Essential Service.

Any body who has been landed with the job of selling a car with a free bumper bar must feel sorry for Bill Morrow CEO of the NBN.The Super Cheap version he has been tasked to roll out combined with the telcos all clambering to make a buck does nothing to install faith of any new or existing customer. 

Too many players, and too many agendas all trying to split the profits. 

Is it not time to just stop and remind ourselves we live in a vast country, distance is a critical factor and so is delivery of services like health, banking, business and telephony are in the national interest which may shock some gamers and movie watchers.

History reveals when the government repealed the law which declared communication supply was a essential service the quality of service and delivery crashed from a world top five network into a bun fight to supply that car with a free bumper bar.

Privatisation of the national network is now a proven failure to service quality and cost, the exact things our politicians told us would be cheaper and better, so I feel it time to stop making excuses and give the nation back its network and remember it you build it correctly the first time it will last a life time. That was the proven principal we built into the copper technology. 

Enough Said. 

Will NBN Payback be Rewarded for Turnbull?

Sometimes it’s hard to put aside personal perspectives however I find if you look a the the facts all becomes much clearer.When the Australian people were delivered a 3rd rate speed by the NBN that would not support more than one cable tv network it was clear the Fox carrier would maintain it monopoly in Australia.

That network was managed by our present PM Turnbull successfully after cries of costs to deliver a world class network and would be cheaper to the taxpayer.

In a Senate enquiry it has been revealed the Turnbull government has given, yes given, Fox $30 Million dollars with no paperwork of discussion or account to upgrade women’s sport coverage allegedly.

So it’s a cheaper network build that delivers less to prop up monopoly that needs to be financed to cover women, a expectation to the Australian public that it should prioritise over its American content. Sounds fair? 

Now looking at past history of this marriage between media and government further we saw the Abbott government fiercely supported by the Murdock press, appoints Turnbull to cover the NBN degrade which he manages well enough the gain the prime ministership in the eyes of his colleagues.

Now as the LNP polls crash is that lazy $30 million for Fox a olive branch from Turnbull or will the Abbot stay as their pick? 

As in Yes Minister “all shall be revealed in the fullness of time”

Recession is the Real Plan for Australia….

With the GMH Holden leaving Australia announcement we witnessed one of the most despicable events in our nations history as well as the commencement of Abbott to send Australia into a recession.
Strong words you may think but lets look at the facts.
Lets make it quite clear This government was installed with the blessing and support of Murdock. His ideology is nothing should be supported by the public, which explains hockey’s goading of GMH in question time that led to the GMH decision.
Abbotts continuance of the no support for Toyota only extends Murdock ideology.
We have also had the Business Council head declaring they should kill the National Disability scheme and that the basic wage is too high. What he actually is saying is our standard of living is far to high, that is those of us who supply labour to the big end of town. They are not making enough profit, it’s your fault.
This week we will see a slashing of public servants at a rate never seen in this countries history again pushing down living standards of those affected plus whatever social effecting policies they can destroy.
Get the picture? The flow on effect will do all the things the silver tails want as well as lower the Aussie dollar.
Make no mistake the silver tails will survive as they have the money and the implementation of social sanitising as already started in Queensland in preparation for the G8 will apply nationally.
After time this will reset the working standards as they will have to
accept standards or starve.
This fits perfectly with LNP ideology and Murdocks Australia, not that hard to work out is it??
Oh I forgot the NBN, the thing that would allow full competition into every household from providers will be scuttles as we cannot have anybody in competition with old Rupert can we….


Australia Deserves a Quality NBN

Well after 20 years in the nations biggest telecommunication companies and rolling out the initial optical fibre across my state of Queensland I think I may have a little knowledge about what the National Broadband Network will and won’t do, void of the political spin we are now being subjected to by our politicians, none of which have had any hands on experience to my knowledge..
Firstly Australia is a massive area and cannot be compared with any other nation in the world. As Great Britain fits into Queensland 3 times a cable could go from the top to the bottom of the nation and provide access to 20 million or more clients proving what software you put on the end of the fibre, while in Australia you could go that far and not have ONE customer. Been there done that.
The eastern side of Australia used to subsidise the the entire national network west do the dividing range, but privatisation stopped that and the West was abandoned to pair gains on a network designed for one pair one customer. Fine if the network was maintained but that was too costly so it was handed over to the only do enough to keep it going policy.
It’s costly out west and that’s where “the fuck you I’m all right Jack” policy of the silver tails in the cities got their ADSL while the bush was still on dial up.
The LNP is going to give the bush the ADSL Home Brand Network under Abbott again if elected.
The NBN must be rolled out ONCE and do it for the whole Nation not just the profitable areas or again the bush will be continue to be second class clients.
The hate of public assets being in public hands is part of LNP DNA and telecommunications in today’s world cannot be trusted to Big Business as they will only look after themselves then eliminate the opportunities of competition of the lower sectors.
Vote for this network, or swallow the Turnbull spin you and your grandchildren will be condemned to catch up technology for decades not of your choice but of what “they” choose to allow you to have.
From one of thousands of Baggy Arsed Liney who took pride building the best network in the world until greed was prioritise ahead of each and every Australians right for quality communication wherever you lived to run your business and Family.


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