Recession is the Real Plan for Australia….

With the GMH Holden leaving Australia announcement we witnessed one of the most despicable events in our nations history as well as the commencement of Abbott to send Australia into a recession.
Strong words you may think but lets look at the facts.
Lets make it quite clear This government was installed with the blessing and support of Murdock. His ideology is nothing should be supported by the public, which explains hockey’s goading of GMH in question time that led to the GMH decision.
Abbotts continuance of the no support for Toyota only extends Murdock ideology.
We have also had the Business Council head declaring they should kill the National Disability scheme and that the basic wage is too high. What he actually is saying is our standard of living is far to high, that is those of us who supply labour to the big end of town. They are not making enough profit, it’s your fault.
This week we will see a slashing of public servants at a rate never seen in this countries history again pushing down living standards of those affected plus whatever social effecting policies they can destroy.
Get the picture? The flow on effect will do all the things the silver tails want as well as lower the Aussie dollar.
Make no mistake the silver tails will survive as they have the money and the implementation of social sanitising as already started in Queensland in preparation for the G8 will apply nationally.
After time this will reset the working standards as they will have to
accept standards or starve.
This fits perfectly with LNP ideology and Murdocks Australia, not that hard to work out is it??
Oh I forgot the NBN, the thing that would allow full competition into every household from providers will be scuttles as we cannot have anybody in competition with old Rupert can we….


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