Mr. Bean Masterstrokes

Why is it that whenever you think we as a nation are getting some sort of consensus some see it advantages to seek to divide?

Its beyond my recall when our states and federal governments has put politics aside yet we have examples of late where the true characters of some who need conflict to elevate their flailing or failed profiles.

I will not back away from the fact our State Government has undergone surgery and reshuffles and resignations have taken place locally as is done by all of Political parties in their tenure as government and we were reminded when a former State Member and now Somerset councillor rose from his Ipswich hideaway to weight in on fractional pranks, a game he played and lost in his one term debacle under Cambell Newman.

Then we have Mr Christensen the self appointed Foreign Minister who when he is in the country declares takes aim at our biggest export nation China without thinking things like international diplomacy protocols exist and the fallout of that ignorance. Totally out of his pay grade, and intellectual capacity.

Then we have Mr Dutton, the cruise ship king lecturing a treasurer on the quantitive steps to keep Queenslanders employed and Tourists industries fluid, and outback air service retained after himself failing to count his own caucus to see if he had the numbers to challenge for PM, a Mr. Bean masterstroke.

If we are to build back faith in our political processes and democracy we could start by sticking to your appointed day job, serving your constitiuents well and not grandstanding.

Wayne Offer

Life’s Tool Kit will be Required After Covid19.

Out of the mires of woes COVID has delivered there are some positive lessons our society has experienced especially our youth.

In the past our life skills were learnt over years and experience but this virus has accelerated this experiences and highlighted some overlooked by not only the youth but parents equally.

Skills like patience, adaptability, social consciousness, sharing, sacrifice, ingenuity, self discipline all critical in making up quality characteristics of a reputable citizen of the world played out in a relatively short time of confinement.

It also has highlighted the shortcomings of self indulgence, greed, often displayed by parents then passing to siblings qualities that will be remembered long past this crisis.

I remember my grandparents and their friends when our country was at war and in depression recalling people who broke the social expectations of unity when our country was in crisis and those who had the character to stand united and it was the latter that this country rebounded in those times.

We are not quite in those times yet but the no one knows where the world will end up, but one thing is certain, the people who have the life’s character toolkit will be called and go to the coal face first as in our grandparents time.

Wayne Offer

Attacking the Messenger

Rarely I respond to opinions aired in the Letters to Editor Column as I believe we are all entitled to our views on all subjects across the board however I will respond if I truely believe their has been a injustice as a result.

I have seen many editors in my time as a contributor to this rag from before Tony Moore to present day and with a few exceptions the Queensland Times has been a regarded as a local credible source.

When Murdock entered I had huge apprehensions that we Ipswicharians would loose it’s balance yet that has not happened even though we have to tolerate the cut and paste of the Masters wishes in some copy our local news and opinions have and are well aired thanks to our local team of journos, so when I read that this paper has bias against our PM or publishing only anti government slant is untrue to say the least.

Thanks to Shannon and her team we get a pretty good local rag considering the trash coming out of the Courier Mail and that’s why we support our local QT, so when we decide to attack the media we have to look deep at ourselves and decide where the actual bias really lies.

Keeping Council Under Watch

First rule of the change process is to inform the people involved what is the new direction intended and listen to the usually negative arguments as they usually highlight underlying often personal reasons of why change cannot be achieved. The council debate has achieved in that trumps.

For too long ipswich has been culturally divided by areas and demographics and it’s time we matured into a city of one direction where transparency of the our ratepayers rates distribution should be seen as fair and calculated.

The days of “look at me what I have done in my patch” mentality was highlighted when none of the old councillors allegedly knew what was going on across the entire council and run to their bunkers when the hammer fell. That’s pathetic corporate governance, and undeniable.

As stated by the administrator the new elected councillors will have to have broader skills and adaptability, and as a resident I too have to adjust. From a place where our one streetlight was a cause for a party to a place where our population is increasing that much the infrastructure cannot cope, the days of town and country reluctantly but factually are over. The city expansion and all its ugly traits are here and we not only need good councillors on the ground we need good competent administrators to provide ongoing advice and support across the entire spectrum of our local council areas.

Like it or not, local governments are not stand alone entities and are arms of state governments and when the dust has settled we will still need the oversight of statutory authorities like the CCC and the press freedom and vigilance to ensure we never revert to our previous state of disfunctuallity. .

Truth should not be the Casualty

The party’s over and now the combatants are celebrating, commiserating, and looking inward on their way forward and I have to ask , does the media do their reviews on their performance through the entire exercise.?

Starting with our Qt, my little exercise in media watchdogging rated the slant 45% LNP, 34% Alp, and 20% independent less the decimals which is what I regard as pretty balanced compared with other outlets within their conglomerate.

My concern was truth and the line between it, opinion, and downright lies.

I appreciate the media outlets printed and digital are struggling to survive but as the third state surely they have a obligation to identify and reject basic lies as part of ethical obligations.

Looking at the Presidential type of campaign run by our PM, I do not want to see our medial be dragged down to what we see in America where truth is no longer a qualification for broadcast, its who pays the most to spread the spin.

Invisible People with Invisible Disabilities with Invisible Support.

I wish to raise a subject on behalf of people beligned by our present society by the broad term of dole bludgers.

I agree some people use the system out of pure laziness often stretching back generations however there are some very desperate people caught up in broad perception projected by our politicians that are living a life in abject poverty and can do nothing to break out.

They are the physically disabled, the mentally ill, the ones that just can’t work and do not transition to a disability pension or are in transition or cannot get through the NDS mazes alone.

Support Services for these people has been cut or does not exist so they are left in their houses or rooms if they are fortunate enough struggling to pay rent, food and usually medication last.

Suicide rates among these people is high unfortunately but suits the government data on unemployment hence low on the priority list.

Luckily some medics are sympathetic to this group but the social stigma stays when they have to venture into main stream population to get medications not on the PBS and struggle to pay at the counter.

This issue is not about raising the New Start allowance, although that would help greatly it’s about defining the people who are invisible in the present system.

This issue is in the too hard basket for many politicians regardless of allegiance.

The real issue is getting classification, getting approved or rejected then getting them into care be it NDS or Disability options, not letting them slowly fade into natural attrition.

We are supposed to have a surplus if we listen to the spin so let’s give the least able bodied people some life saving support.

Investigative Journalism must Survive.

I have been guilty of pulling the trigger maybe too quickly on the media on what I see as slanted reporting or cartooning but with the Al Jazeera story I can only commend the media on its speed on self analysis if ethical standards were breached.

Within hours of release, self questioning commenced weather it reported the story or created the story.

That debate will be ongoing but it’s my simpleton belief is overall if it’s in the public interest, the public should know.

The method of acquiring the evidence is played out regularly in capturing terrorist, online predators, drug dealers, gun runners all regarded as fair game if any investigative journalist outlet exposes the culprits.

The fact that they did not secure the funding does not change the intent or the toxic advice on how to nullify murder.

I believe this is a clear example on the value of investigative journalism, and regardless of what side of politics you support it is imperative to democracy these outlets across the world continue their work, and must be protected.

Brisbane Tunnels Overpriced and under Utilised.

No one doubts the importance of infrastructure in our nation building agendas by both state and federal governments. My issue is once that infrastructure is in place our leaders seem to think its job done and hand it over to the private sector to manage.

The building of the Brisbane tunnels was intended to relieve the congestion on state and federal roads by passing the inner city it in true capitalistic Privatisation trend the the cost of using the facilities has out priced itself.

It was my choice to use the tunnels to get to the Bruce Highway and it made the drive so much easier however the $21.14 charge return made me realise why I felt I was in the no vehicle twilight zone once I crossed the purple lights.

Whether you agree with its construction, or detest or can’t afford paying, those who use the facility are lightening the load on the public roads, exactly what was the initial intentions.

Using retail logic may I suggest rewarding those who choose to use the tunnel with some incentives via registration refund depending on usage and the owners dropping the prices would achieve the original goal of taking congestion away from city bottlenecks and increasing tunnel patronage. A Win ,win and making new work less intrusive for users and constructors for upgrades on older routes.

We need to do better than $21.14 or this infrastructure will be as extinct as Pahlke’s dinosaurs.

Free Opinion Collateral Damage with Fairfax Demolition

The Fairfax blitzkrieg should send warning signs to not only journalists and their industry but letter writers in all of the letters to the editor contributors nationally.

I’m sure I am not alone when I say my letters have been butchered and re written to suit not only the space issue but the political narrative, religious narrative or commercial set by the overall owners to a point where I was informed my contributions were no longer required.

This decision does nothing to enhance free opinion but further crush it a s anyone who dares to challenge the corporate culture or or its associated TV platforms or sponsors. be it professional journalist or us humble scribes who think our opinion matters and delivered in terms that may be uncomfortable for some.

We are told free speech is the bedrock of democracy and that is in danger as the corporates will put their economic survival their priority leaving us who possibly live in dreams of balanced reporting a stark choice of left or right journalistic garbage.

Their has never been a stronger case for support of our ABC.

Who’s God  causes the Divide.

As one of the 35% of Australians who do not wear the Guernsey of any religion I sit in total wonderment of Hanson’s stunt in the senate. What brings a person to a conclusion that their God, their belief, is better than someone else’s and then go on to degrade it.

I was taught in my early years, the value of tolerance and understanding spoken by all faiths but as my years increase that value decreased as the religions battled for customers. The divisions grew as amalgamations took place to eliminate the non profitable branches as did the extremists within.

The statistics reveal there is 8% of other religions outside Christianity and Atheists in Australia, representing a host of beliefs from all over our world, each contributing to our culture, a number exceeded by a single sporting code, so why we have to ask does someone seek to profit from promoting fear and hate?

This disgusting trend is World wide, dividing society to Right and Left, led by religious fanatics with their God on their side, and I live in hope someone will rise above it all and put world humanity as a vision under no Guernsey, if not our kids will never know what a balanced view is, and as we know our kids are born innocent and are taught discrimination.

Maybe it’s time we spend the time to listen to John Lennon’s Imagine…. 

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