When will America Stand Up Australians ask? 

Remember Today, it’s a Elvis, John Lennon, JFK, moment.I woke up to hear the President of the United States, the leader of the free world give the Nazi’s a free pass, justification for demanding white America .

I’m bloody Australian,my roots are from all over the world, I grew up post WW2 in Australia, I learnt from a history book of experience working in a shipyard at 15 with immigrants from all over the world living about a mile from the shipyard at Yungabar hostel, their first landing place in our country.

I learnt from the victims of Hitler directly. I saw the hope of a new life, something I took as granted and often shared that hope with them when they left the yard and took up jobs and professions they had done before invasion.

So when I see groups anywhere in the world mimicking the Nazi movement I cringe,even more when I see a world leader treating them as equal to any dissenting group, justifying their actions. 

Trump owes them and other extreme groups for his election and after today is quite clear they called in the debt, and Trump responded in his true colours.

Any we can waffle on with our opinions from a far land but it’s up to Americans to get off their arses and get rid of him or he will drive their country into another Civil War as after today he has justified rasism, bigotry, murder, street violence as a 2way street. 

They call him Mr President. That title should be withdrawn by the media and the people as respect for those who have gone before. 

But do they have the guts to do it or will the procrastination continue?

Someone has to stand up America, is that person you?

The world awaits. 

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