Council Amalgamations have Collateral Damage in Moreton Shire.

How quickly we forget.

Maybe Council Amalgamations may have consolidated administration but when it comes down to what the actual ratepayer gets their certainly is collateral damage.

Moreton Shire Council ratepayers are still suffering.

Facts were Ipswich Council was broke, machinery and equipment in disrepair while Moreton fully financial and progressing then came the amalgamation and Moreton got the Mayor and surrendered its autonomy and assets to Ipswich as a trade off.

Since that day we old Moreton ratepayers have played second fiddle to its Ipswich counterparts.

Our money has been redirected to the “Big Picture” fantasy while the only thing we have have gained was a recycle bin.

Our roads are a patchwork quilt, little or no kerb and channeling outside townships, while entire suburbs and towns and communities are being created brand new from our contributions while our rates in the old shire have tripled.

Sounds fair doesn’t it?

Whatever spin you put on it today will not negate the fact that Moreton ratepayers were dudded in the name of progress and that debt has not been repaid unless we count that very expensive recycle bin.

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