Russian Diversion Smokescreens Home Woes?

It seems quite amazing that when everything that’s happening in the world the western media and politicians is pointing the finger at Russia.

The ongoing saga of the Trump election, the bombing of Syria, the poisoning’s in England all yet to prove hard evidence yet we are only hearing from political spin which I feel has a agenda to smokescreen what is happening in the particular nations home fronts that are the loudest.

Trumps issues are a daily circus in progress where if he can keep diverting attention from accountability personal and political his thinks he can dumb down the world as he has Americans.

Theresa May with her government struggling on Brexit and other fronts needs diversion to take the heat off her government and performance.

Now the Syrian catastrophic situation as descended into a blame game that suits the political ideological philosophy of insinuations being carful not to include allies like Israel who are sending planes and bombs allegedly.

Meanwhile here in Australia we got on the bandwagon and expelled a few Russians but not after a very interesting presser from the Russian Ambassador in which he exhausted the media contingent of questions, forcing Bishop into a counter presser never seen before in diplomatic protocols in this country.

It’s important we do not sleepwalk into thinking our allies have Australian interests as a core value. We are a political tool to the crumpling former world dynasties and we are expendable as Trump, May,Turnbull and Assad struggle keep relevance and political survival on their respective home fronts leaving Russia not a cleanskin but a great diversion..

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