Cyber Attack Self Inflicted.

It is now with monotonous regularity we are alerted that our security has or has the potential to be infringed.

At a cost of billions governments has set up new Departments, employed millions of staff and in fact created a total industry that obviously far off the pace of the hackers.

We always know why as the excuses are so repetitious but how is never actually revealed and not shocking that most of the alleged hackers are coming from countries with closed networks.

In our exuberance to open ourselves to privatisation we surrendered security of our communication system to the shareholder, and anyone that paraded as a communications employee was given instant access to our exchanges, pillars and cross connecting equipment. Even today no one challenges a unmarked ute or van parked outside a business , house or now fibre distribution point as most have been conditioned that’s its legitimate activity.

Those of us who were trained in communication security before privatisation predicted this viral trend and was duly redundant.

As the network now is more condensed yet more accessible to the would be perpetrators, security is now left to on site cyber walls owned and operated by commercial interests. Yep that’s safe, you must agree?

It’s up to governments, not commercial interests to protect our commercial and private data and subletting accountability is not acceptable, and every time you hear or see security breaches remember its self inflicted and think how good privatisation of our communication carriage has made Australia, and if it’s personally worth it.

Then in saying that if you’ve never had it you’ll never know, until it’s you that’s hacked.

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