Media Watch Highlights Ipswich Culture

This Article was Censored out of The Queensland Times

We all have our biases or perceived biases but in a world where truth is hard to find it important for people can go to a place where one can trust news for at least 90% of copy.

Mine is the ABC as was my parents and theirs possibly theirs as they were the only ones we could get outside cities.

Today the ABC is under attack and the debate is framed to so it must conform with government spin which the commercials outlets gladly produce as part of their owners wishes or be defined as left leaning, then blackmailed by funding cuts.

Locally ipswich people can’t thank 4 corners for exposing issues like or waste dumping debacle, and many others uncomfortable to all governments and councils.

Now with a issue close to my heart Media Watch has thrown a broader light on a subject closer to home our very own QT and past editorial standards.

I will not dwell or regurgitate past infringements of standards, but mud does stick to those who tried to expose truth and were dennergrated, professionally and privately in this city, and many rode on the coat tails of those actions for advantage and I now believe with this revelation and the future council decision pending its time for that new start whatever decision

Is handed down.

I have complete confidence with our present QT team from top down, and me like the ABC sometimes say things that are not conducive to my peers ears, or the critics, but this cities reputation is the pillar for its future and needs some urgent maintenance and I hope my funding is not cut.

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