Bolts Bile Goes Unchecked.

I was extremely hesitant to give the Bolt column in Monday’s QT oxygen with the hope of some reaction from the editorial staff to at least comment on its bile content. Link that with the toxicity of Blair Cottrell the trend on News Limited is quite clear., their is money selling racism and hatred.

Andrew Bolts rotating commercials on SKY days previously gave away what was a planned and calculated release of what has been regarded by his peers as the Quote “ The worst column I have ever seen in a mainstream newspaper” and to be quite honest I was sickened to realise that type of journalism would enter my household.

There is need for a debate on migration, integration, and religions in this country , but that debate should start from the middle ground not the extremes as we are seeing from News or the question must be asked is it their intention to move the divide as it has in the USA to the extremes?

This is nothing to do with free speech, it’s blatant retail promotion in splitting our Australian community for corporate gain, a despicable act from a outfit who has.chosen to move its operations offshore to avoid paying tax..

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