Who are the Adults?

Part of our fire strategy in our little community we take stock of not only our immediate surroundings but look at other areas where we could be impacted. Taking little excursions around outside your area makes you appreciate what impact the drought is really having on families outside the bitumen and gutters.

This week took us to Mulgowie and areas backing on to the Great Divide a former food bowl and the distinction between who had water access to water and who didn’t was shockingly stark.

For those who’s life revolves around coffee shops, offices, the day to day drag of work in a highly populated environment have no idea what the reality of life is only about a hour’s journey away from your McDonalds.

I know, you don’t have the time do you?

Well when the shelves are bare and the tap doesn’t run that when many will realise what state our country is in at present. and it needs help. Too late then.

Mark my words in times to come wars will not be fought over territory, minerals, or arms race, the prize will be fresh water.

At present we are witnessing politicians and their power bases twist and turn, manipulate and do their best to discredit trust in anything that challenges their ideology right down to children, sad as we are forgetting our planet not just our island is under the pump and anything we can do to help anywhere is a positive to our kids future.

Little steps count, and kids see past the politics, something us adults struggle and procrastinate and sometime I wonder who really are the adults.

My 2020 wish is Send her Down Huey.

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