Greta Thunberg Like Bernie Banton Stands Her Ground.

It must be a pretty big thing to have the President of the United States to fly 4 thousand Kilometres to have a lash at a young teenager. Probably a bit of diversion politics from home issues but this trend to attack the young climate messenger across all media platforms is actually building the case and growing the support no matter of how many of the climate deniers propaganda portray her disability, age, school level, or intelligence.

Its a hard road if you choose to take on an issue that establishment see their status quo challenged, however without those who choose to step up always face the wrath of quite often personal attacks over a debate on fact.

Personally me and many others have to thank our real warrior Bernie Banton who’s fight against politicians. Lobbyists, shareholders and the greater business sector who suffered the same wrath that Thunberg is copping today and that fight is still ongoing across the world as politicians deny or covered up to appease their donors and launched into personal attacks as a means to deflect responsibility.

Be sure this kid ain’t going nowhere and while the men in suits go into palpitations every time they see her one thing is certain,

we had our chance and blew it when this issue first arose back in the 80’s and 90’s and that’s a fact no one can deny.

Wayne Offer

Trust and Truth are Targets of the Skeptics.

Regardless of what the skeptics would have you believe our nation is is experiencing a apoplectic event never seen in this countries lifetime, that is ever since white mans presence.

For those of us that are exposed to social media we have seen photoshopped newspapers, photos, data that was impossible to collate at the time due to uninvented technology trotted out as fact designed to influence the unsuspecting public not attuned or caring to partake in public debate period.

It’s said Truth is the first casualty in any war or dispute, and might I add trust to that casualty list.

Taking away trust in areas such as science, medicine, technological gathered data is the task set by those who feel that information will have a monetary effect on their support base only not humanity as a whole.

We as a human race have advanced with the help of evolving technology, from the stone axe head to a iPhone some good some bad, but in laymen’s terms, we embraced the transitions although some chose to remain in the past.

Their choice, but trying to discredit fact via fabrication puts trust and all those who have dedicated their lives challenging theories, scientific outcomes, medical tests as part of proof testing before public release in a position of some sort of blame if the data doesn’t suit your ideology.

The simple fact is now we are experiencing the science we chose to ignore and are paying the price not only here but world wide.

Who are the Adults?

Part of our fire strategy in our little community we take stock of not only our immediate surroundings but look at other areas where we could be impacted. Taking little excursions around outside your area makes you appreciate what impact the drought is really having on families outside the bitumen and gutters.

This week took us to Mulgowie and areas backing on to the Great Divide a former food bowl and the distinction between who had water access to water and who didn’t was shockingly stark.

For those who’s life revolves around coffee shops, offices, the day to day drag of work in a highly populated environment have no idea what the reality of life is only about a hour’s journey away from your McDonalds.

I know, you don’t have the time do you?

Well when the shelves are bare and the tap doesn’t run that when many will realise what state our country is in at present. and it needs help. Too late then.

Mark my words in times to come wars will not be fought over territory, minerals, or arms race, the prize will be fresh water.

At present we are witnessing politicians and their power bases twist and turn, manipulate and do their best to discredit trust in anything that challenges their ideology right down to children, sad as we are forgetting our planet not just our island is under the pump and anything we can do to help anywhere is a positive to our kids future.

Little steps count, and kids see past the politics, something us adults struggle and procrastinate and sometime I wonder who really are the adults.

My 2020 wish is Send her Down Huey.

Our PM Morrison Runs Scared.

Not since when the Japanese were on our doorstep and the Brisbane Line was envisaged have we seen our Prime Minister vacate his nation and seek refuge in a foreign land. Menzies headed for England and now Morrison to a American outpost while this country is in a national crisis.

How good is it when every time you turn on a TV or radio you hear how the country is either burning or its population being sizzled by heat, starved of water or oxygen or economically driven into poverty while they protect this governments failing mantra of a surplus.

No wonder our youth or younger people has lost faith politics and are taking things into their own hands.

Each and every day I read or see people on the streets all over the world rebelling against authoritarian, nepotistic, corrupt or just plain arrogant old people who have made their fortunes by manipulating the system they were elected to protect, the we have the audacity to attack those who choose to expose or highlight or hold to account weather it be a journalist, whistle blower or a fourteen year old kid.

It sickens me even more when when I read us mature adults chose to use the autocratic moral high ground when we are questioned by youth then expecting them to go back to their rooms and behave.

If we did our jobs ,listened, planned involved our youth there would be no need for rebellious action but no we are the keepers of all knowledge and now reaping the crop we sewed.

Other nations manage youth successions in business and politics in the national interest unlike us where we see the corporate interests supported by politicians as the norm and our actual island where we live is just a place that is supposed to keep on giving.

Well it’s all over red rover for those who played the schoolyard game, and our PM’s thoughts and prayers are as effective as his understanding of what it takes to be a leader who stands along side those who are doing it rough not from his hotel in yank a colony.

The Dignity of Christmas for the Fortunate.

As we all get our jollies together for big Christmas gig could you please spare a thought for those who are not so fortunate, you know the ones on New Start, the one’s on New Start with disabilities that can’t get off New Start who fail the algorithm test, the returned servicemen who return broken in so many ways and left,the aged, single or deserted parents who I might add are living below the poverty line and in many if not all cases.

No I’m not here to put the guilts on the fortunate but I do ask why have we left so many behind in a such a rich country and why is this part of our society growing?

Im sick to death listening to politicians claiming that the reason they are there because it their own fault, taking drugs, too lazy from their ivory towers while all the time they are putting obstacles in their way which often end tragically in self harm.

Its not beyond some of power to believe natural attrition of these unfortunate category of our society as a part solution.

In other countries, poorer countries the culture is to look after they’re less fortunate and aged, we see them as business overheads that have to be manages as if they are outdated comodities all with prices attached.

There can be no doubt Capitalism in all its forms is failing around the world as the people are revolting, the youth are on the move all realising this trickle down economics is a falasy benefiting the fortunate few as the living with dignity gap widens.

Social Conscious in government today is condemed as left wing propaganda and while that is the case all of our underprivileged will continue to grow and suffer.

Merry Christmas to some, and to others hope you survive.

Climate Change Scares off the Autocrats

Born in 1950, I’ve seen how we have progressed from science, medically, industrially, socially, and seen how our standard of living progress at the speed of light.

I’ve been blessed having leaders the standard of Whitlam, Frazer, Killen, Daily, and many others not necessarily of my political beliefs but people with leadership qualities, so when I hear or read old men such as me run away from the hard questions the young or younger ask , then take up the autocratic pose when the hard truth are spoken it a attempt to bully, it goes against the standards we were taught in our youth. That’s what separates Australians from the rest,

So when I see the present so called political leaders refuse or run from answering questions on causes real life tragedies like the fires that are devastating our country, or other weather events totalling dodging the elephant (Climate) and highlighting on what they are doing for the “result”not the “cause” then and throw in a few biblical quotes for affect.

We’ve seen this strategy played out hundreds of times in America after a gun massacre and no one is allowed to question the cause at the time as they regard it disrespectful to the dead or injured and its duly forgotten till the next blood bath and the politicians cower down to the interest groups who give them their leather seats

Well this time it’s changed I reckon. The youth in this country will not be conned by the corrupt establishment any more, and nor will the media. Proactive instead of reactive action is the order not the request and if it’s too hard for those on office they will be removed as the ground rules have changed, and the more governments try to oppress or dismiss the bigger the push becomes.

Yes “the times they are a changing”as Dylan wrote and its the political parasites who have to move over and leave it to the real leaders who care about the people not conglomerates.

Grandchildren Taking Up the Baton.

While driving down the ipswich motorway listening to the radio with my son at my side on came the news about the protesters and the disruption they were causing.

Both agreed about the importance of the fact of being allowed to protest but the method and the timing became the debate.

Recalling my youth in the 60’s and 70’s we too caused disruptions while protesting with issues such as work conditions, moratoriums on wars, nuclear armaments, Tasmanian Wildernesses, and many others but the world kept turning and our protests did impact.

Then we both realised the next generation, my sons, went relatively free with possibly the Rights at Work campaign kicking in when all those conditions fought for in my time came under threat.

Today we are seeing the grandchildren era taking up the fight with a cause holding more gravity as we saw in the 60’s and 70’s but this time it’s not nationally it’s internationally..

For those who didn’t fight, and looked on with distain took the conditions and the benefits anyway as it flowed on though the system, and it was only when those conditions come under threat they shifted alliance and dismissed the government.

That time in history is repeating when the youth is taking control because we the keepers of all knowledge have succeeded technologically, and value adding personal life style achievements not thinking too much about if out kids will have the same opportunity by taking earth for granted.

In reality our grandkids are doing exactly what we did only this time it’s not living standards it’s Life on Our earth standards.

We Move into Uncharted Waters..

Today the 25/09/2019 saw a change that may influence the way we think about our politics and leaders.

Boris Johnson was ruled against by the courts on his dissolution pf Parliament in England and making them return to sort out Brexit before the exit date or he goes to the polls.

Where the ball bounces their is so ambiguous, and civil disobedience is a option.

Greta Thunberg nailed the ruling class to the cross on climate and made old men in suits cringe about lack of action and Morrison did not attend the Climate Conference pre UN Meeting. He also sided with Trump over China Trade with will impact on our trade and relations domestically and internationally. We are on the verge of recession and this could push us over.

The Start of Impeachment was commenced by the Congress on Trump.

He also stated in the UN that globalisation is a Failure and the world must embrace Patriotism.

All 3 in my mind will resonate across the world and Trumps poking Iran into conflict as a distraction is not out of the question.

Domestically the Trump Base will mobilise in my view and we will witness open conflict in the American streets and Civil Disobedience verging on War is not out of the question.

Trump will have no issues if his people are injured our killed to keep office home or be it overseas.

I cant see an alternative Leader to replace Trump in the Opposition YET but Trumps VP is possibly more erratic than his boss in particularly social consciousness .

We are in unchartered waters..

Us Older Fossils need to Stand Aside on Climate.

I know it must be hard for the older generation to accept the youth of the world are demanding we do more in regard to their and their children’s existence on this planet.

How dare they go to demonstrations or be allowed to address United Nations events or even contemplate they have more knowledge about climate science than us keepers of all knowledge.!

We will try to do our autocratic best to keep them in their little boxes and do exactly as they are told or we will cane them and keep them detained in their school rooms.

Like most of us older folk we see going backwards is the best way forward and that is a fallacy we ourselves crushed in the 60’s through to the 80’s where we took on the establishment and set up the wealth we “Silent Australians” have accumulated not even thinking that the planet was telling us it was in strife, and now when we are held to account we try and play the School Principal card over and over again.

Unlike the 60-80 years where we fought for workers conditions like wages, safety,leave leadings, and the 38-40 hour week, we/I was on the streets then only to see those conditions get traded off for what is called productivity gains and we are reaping those benefits industrial deaths, burnout, and mental health issues all related to the the magic dollar we are now geared to worship.

These kids are changing that ideology and us fossils can’t cope. They are smarter and more aware than we ever were at that age. They see their future not in a individual monetary sense but in a global vision we never imagined, and our only response is to refer to our god the magic dollar, aptly demonstrated by our governments obsession of a surplus over the needs of its own people’s welfare and wellbeing, so it’s not surprising that the old technologies resonate with that demographic as they try to stay relevant in a ever changing world gearing itself for the fight of its life.

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