Power Outweighs Justice for the Poor.

Once we had the separation of Government and the Law to ensure we all were on equal ground if and when we happened to infringe and the law would take it course unchallenged.

This is not the case anymore even in so called democratically elected countries around the world. I won’t even start on the American system where the levels of justice only apply to the ones who have no money whereas the wealthy just corruptly buy authorities to manipulate their innocence.

We in Australia are not far away from that now. Offences like water theft, unauthorised travel then claiming refunds, fraudulent emails, miss allocation of public funds for electoral benefits extending to the highest office in the land, to name a few then at the other end decisions where people on NDIS are dying before the get treatment, the Robo Debt initiative where people have taken their own lives, veterans and others with disabilities stymied from gaining help by government hurdles reveals the obvious fact the rich have one law the poor another.

If a employer is at fault and life is lost legal charges are laid, yet the loss of life and associated mental health issues with health and well-being areas is regarded as collateral damage and Ministers walk away congratulating themselves on budget saving measures.

Where is the justice to those families and often homeless people lay?

The fact is this government does not have a social justice or any justice compass as its ideology does not allow it as its all about power.


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