Attacking the Messenger

Rarely I respond to opinions aired in the Letters to Editor Column as I believe we are all entitled to our views on all subjects across the board however I will respond if I truely believe their has been a injustice as a result.

I have seen many editors in my time as a contributor to this rag from before Tony Moore to present day and with a few exceptions the Queensland Times has been a regarded as a local credible source.

When Murdock entered I had huge apprehensions that we Ipswicharians would loose it’s balance yet that has not happened even though we have to tolerate the cut and paste of the Masters wishes in some copy our local news and opinions have and are well aired thanks to our local team of journos, so when I read that this paper has bias against our PM or publishing only anti government slant is untrue to say the least.

Thanks to Shannon and her team we get a pretty good local rag considering the trash coming out of the Courier Mail and that’s why we support our local QT, so when we decide to attack the media we have to look deep at ourselves and decide where the actual bias really lies.

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