We must not Go the American Road.

Timeline : 29th August 2018

Country of Origin : Australia

Status of Writer : Citizen of the 🌏 and a Labor Party non factional member.

After watching a Government in Australia eat itself over ideology in the past week and the aftermath still developing I’m turning my attention to America to get a sense of what we do not want to end up like.

At home we saw a truely Conservative Political Party the Liberal National Party declare war on itself and mix spew vengeance of the past with a coalition of big coal, climate denial, renewable energy hatred, White Australia, religious bias, inflamed with a ambition to get the nation as far right as is the Murdock Press has America.

That is not the place I want to see my country go and I, bias as I am I hope we do not go or even get to the point America has itself now.

It’s not brain science that Trump is not a healer. His modus operandi is to divide a conquer. Attack and counter attack and only compromise is after you feel you have won. That mixture I translates to his supporters his base and the end always justifies The means. Morals, traditions and etiquette and ethics are collateral damage and taken as part of the business of the Trump reign.

Facts are for every action their is a reaction, political or social a response will occur be it now or later, planned or unplanned it will happen.

My view is as follows and I hope sincerely I am wrong but I think America is well on its way to civil unrest never seen since their historic Civil War.

The political aware population has its position Red or Blue in concrete, and the fight for the foot soldiers is in the hands of the media proper gander outlets to spin the tale but the fact is the respect of law the lawmakers, even the polls have been so discredited the social fabric of American Society is disappearing before their eyes.

If and when Trump goes his base will not accept the democracy decision. Fact. The encumbered will be deemed fraudulent and that’s when all hell will break loose. The person who inherits the poison challis will need to be a healer not a splitter and that may not be enough to feed the frenzy as the fanatics will take to the streets and we all know the end result and it will spread like the plague.

America needs a safety valve release now and cease feeding the divisions but I’m afraid Trump does not have the mental capacity to realise where this is going to end. He lives in his own bubble, listens to his own media, a classic narcissist.

Whatever he thinks is achieving in trade the and American credibility is suffering worldwide which to his supporters is fine but the I’m of the belief America is building a wall a watertight wall right around America and the rest of the world will watch as a great nation drowns in its own social divisions, and that what I do not want to see in my country ever.

The Fish Rots From the Head Down.

Where are we headed.?

We as a nation have accepted the genocide of people trying to escape persecution treating them as invaders, we see our aboriginals cultures slowly be decimated for non conformity, we allow our churches to protect and hide known pedophiles and when caught out protect them then do everything to stop full compensation while their hierarchy’s bath in gold.

America withdraws from The Human Rights Council as it caught doing what the Nazi did separating mothers from children as a punishment, as we watch Israel systematically crush a civilisation with the blessings of our gutless leaders too scared stand up for what they must know is wrong but choose to ignore it for political or monitory gain.

Who is asking the hard questions, who is putting the alternative point of view? Certainly not main stream media. Are They are lapdogs to the system and I wonder where is the journalistic ethics taught in their diplomas gone?

The standard you choose to ignore are the standards you accept.

Public opinion still has power but people need to be informed and that information is power and as we are witnessing the attack on the ABC for questioning government. Thats their job. All governments dislike scrutiny and attacking the ABC messenger is par for the course whoever is in power.

Please ask yourself now if this trend continues, what type of a society will we leave our grandkids.?

They went to war to save us what we are seeing and accepting now as the new normal, or is it just too hard?

I don’t accept the present standard, do you?

The fish rots from the head down.

Edited extensively in the QT.

Israeli Victim Card Overstated and Overplayed.

Why is it every time we see troubles in the Middle East, Gaza in particular Israel is always reported as the victim?

I saw people waving a flag shot by snipers, people running away shot in the back, yet Israel was defending itself from protesters unarmed protesters. No Israeli casualties reported.

Yes, Palestine does retaliate as Israel continues to expand and its become more evident Israel is not part or just plays lip service to any two state solution and Trump has supported that ideology within his embassy shift.

Make no mistake the move of embassy secured funding for his Republican Party and Netanyahu knows money reins supreme, and action the rest of world would regard as terrorism can be bought off by the threat giving or withdrawing currency, media outlets included.

If in any other place this latest Trump/Netanyahu decision outcome would be described as a massacre, but media outlets chose to totally downplay the deaths and show the nationalistic images of celebrations of new beginnings.

Ironical isn’t it thats exactly what Hitler did as he expanded.

Russian Diversion Smokescreens Home Woes?

It seems quite amazing that when everything that’s happening in the world the western media and politicians is pointing the finger at Russia.

The ongoing saga of the Trump election, the bombing of Syria, the poisoning’s in England all yet to prove hard evidence yet we are only hearing from political spin which I feel has a agenda to smokescreen what is happening in the particular nations home fronts that are the loudest.

Trumps issues are a daily circus in progress where if he can keep diverting attention from accountability personal and political his thinks he can dumb down the world as he has Americans.

Theresa May with her government struggling on Brexit and other fronts needs diversion to take the heat off her government and performance.

Now the Syrian catastrophic situation as descended into a blame game that suits the political ideological philosophy of insinuations being carful not to include allies like Israel who are sending planes and bombs allegedly.

Meanwhile here in Australia we got on the bandwagon and expelled a few Russians but not after a very interesting presser from the Russian Ambassador in which he exhausted the media contingent of questions, forcing Bishop into a counter presser never seen before in diplomatic protocols in this country.

It’s important we do not sleepwalk into thinking our allies have Australian interests as a core value. We are a political tool to the crumpling former world dynasties and we are expendable as Trump, May,Turnbull and Assad struggle keep relevance and political survival on their respective home fronts leaving Russia not a cleanskin but a great diversion..

Francis the New Hip Has Issues

Well it’s like this. After a while you new hip replacement need to stand on its own two feet. It’s between over 3 weeks since Francis was fitted and things aren’t going too bad.
Pain yes, but no where near as much as with the old hip.. Different pain too in fact….
Getting off the big cannons for pain relief is a issue that must be addressed.
People stay on them too long and addiction is a issue.
For Me its back to off the self stuff now like it or lump it. That comes with issues too, constipation, sleep imbalance but it has to be overcome.
The body is still accepting its foreign insertion I believe and shock is still a factor even after 3 weeks, but for a bloke who has never had a major operation this is a totally new experience.
One step a a time says the physio and she is pretty right. No hero tics she said just do as your told. She said and banned me from driving for 6 months…
I said forget the hip I want drugs for sitting beside the wife while she is driving and keeping my mouth shut!!!!
Not a good statement with a room full of women in her surgery. I got the appropriate responses loud and clear.
I sat down in the corner, as you do…. Verbally assaulted in the foetus position..
Well that’s about it up until now….


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