We must not Go the American Road.

Timeline : 29th August 2018

Country of Origin : Australia

Status of Writer : Citizen of the 🌏 and a Labor Party non factional member.

After watching a Government in Australia eat itself over ideology in the past week and the aftermath still developing I’m turning my attention to America to get a sense of what we do not want to end up like.

At home we saw a truely Conservative Political Party the Liberal National Party declare war on itself and mix spew vengeance of the past with a coalition of big coal, climate denial, renewable energy hatred, White Australia, religious bias, inflamed with a ambition to get the nation as far right as is the Murdock Press has America.

That is not the place I want to see my country go and I, bias as I am I hope we do not go or even get to the point America has itself now.

It’s not brain science that Trump is not a healer. His modus operandi is to divide a conquer. Attack and counter attack and only compromise is after you feel you have won. That mixture I translates to his supporters his base and the end always justifies The means. Morals, traditions and etiquette and ethics are collateral damage and taken as part of the business of the Trump reign.

Facts are for every action their is a reaction, political or social a response will occur be it now or later, planned or unplanned it will happen.

My view is as follows and I hope sincerely I am wrong but I think America is well on its way to civil unrest never seen since their historic Civil War.

The political aware population has its position Red or Blue in concrete, and the fight for the foot soldiers is in the hands of the media proper gander outlets to spin the tale but the fact is the respect of law the lawmakers, even the polls have been so discredited the social fabric of American Society is disappearing before their eyes.

If and when Trump goes his base will not accept the democracy decision. Fact. The encumbered will be deemed fraudulent and that’s when all hell will break loose. The person who inherits the poison challis will need to be a healer not a splitter and that may not be enough to feed the frenzy as the fanatics will take to the streets and we all know the end result and it will spread like the plague.

America needs a safety valve release now and cease feeding the divisions but I’m afraid Trump does not have the mental capacity to realise where this is going to end. He lives in his own bubble, listens to his own media, a classic narcissist.

Whatever he thinks is achieving in trade the and American credibility is suffering worldwide which to his supporters is fine but the I’m of the belief America is building a wall a watertight wall right around America and the rest of the world will watch as a great nation drowns in its own social divisions, and that what I do not want to see in my country ever.

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