Federal ICAC to Oversee Judicial Appointments.

It has been a well known in the legal profession that bullying and misogyny is common within its culture, so the revelations of the a Chief Justice has been called out by a independent investigation.

His controversial appointment and alliance to the conservative government is on the record, a situation that brings our justice system into a focus for all the wrong reasons.

I am a firm believer judicial appointments must be isolated from political influence or intervention, and have a body similar to a federal ICAC oversee all judicial appointments, state and federally.

Our justice system can never be allowed to follow the American path, and should never be a tool of any political whim or payback.

I am very concerned about the wedge politics played by this government, playing state against state in Covid crisis, the mirroring of American racial attitudes emerging here in Australia, and our government responses truly Trumpian be it ministers or backbenchers.

With our media opinion taking a higher profile than factual reporting, our fallback legal professions independence and faith in the system cannot be compromised by political noise or propaganda regardless of who you support, so I see no reason why Judicial Appointment should not be a part of a Federal ICAC which this government promised last election and still have failed to act on.

That’s not surprising is it?

Wayne Offer

My Challenge to Stay Here.


A visit to my GP was the trigger to get my/our strategy together to stay in front of this pandemic was initiated.

Having Asbestosis is a bit of a issue when it comes to defence so it was made pretty clear if I got it I will be exiting quicker than my exit which was by the way 2020 anyway as my lung doctor predicted 15 years ago.

Basic defence is stay away from humans if possible and if not crowds, shopping centres, public transport, handrails, shopping trolleys, and keep people 2 metres away. No handshaking, hugging, or personal contact as there are carriers Not necessarily infected as yet.

Constant hand washing and no face touching or better still stay on our property and order in our food online. ( that’s a issue being resisted by ..)

But how long can one isolate themselves is the question, but I suppose how long do you want to live and what are the risks?

I could not help overhearing a conversation by 2 old white men or about saying they reckon this virus is a hoax, so I hope they are immune and does not give me confidence if they are infected and proceed to spread it out of stupidity.

That’s life I expect and humans will continue to do what humans do and until you have driven a cab, worked in retail, or manned a polling booth you don’t really get the message how fucked up some people really are in the head.

So the world will continue and what will be will be, but I will put on my Alfoil Hat and consider if this virus was a result of a man made experiment gone wrong….. or

Let’s Pause and Think for Ourselves.

Blame is important and strategic, and that is now the norm in today’s political narrative across the nation and it all depends on who’s team you choose to align yourself with is only the view you will hold.

This is a dangerous climate for truth. Whoops did I say Climate?

Be it Climate change, fossil fuels, renewable energy or migration across the board each and every subject is either funded or supported by some big corporations who’s basic existence is profit, money and we the parrots of policy are their mouthpieces following their set narrative and some of us just do it blindly once we are indoctrinated.

This is not fertile ground for objective and lateral thinking.

Every one of us has a opinion but that should never stop us from questioning that opinion when presented with a alternative, something the manipulators do not want us to do.

This “With me or your Against me” spin is the divide and rule strategy played out since mankind evolved and has been recognised as a cancer for open democracy and the media should be the circuit breaker delivering unbiased truth and accountabilities regardless of who is in ownership.

That information source is a a factor and a player we the consumer has to judge weather it has its own agenda. Big responsibility I know and for some just too hard so they go along like cattle to the slaughter rather think before I speak or more importantly vote.

Follow the Money.

Again we hear and see America do its best to show the world what not to do in regards to its gun laws but more importantly the acceptance and its ability con its people that one day all will be well and trust us to fix it.

They have successfully dumbed down its population to accept the fact death can come any where any time and its up to you as an individual to protect yourself and family as government find the issue just too hard.

This apathy spreads and I too am not as shocked or incensed today as I was say when Sandy Hook happened so we can assume we too are being dumbed down and that should never occur.

Blame is important and strategic and the gun lobby and its puppets are playing the people the same song after every massacre and anyone who challenges it will never be elevated to a position of influence.

So could this happen here?

We have stricter laws yes but we have the same influences pushing and prodding our politicians to relax them and it would not take much to dilute the legislation in our present political kindergarten where self promoting trade offs are more valued than the national interest.

Personally I feel if limited donations to all political parties and prospective parliamentarians and made all donations “live” we the punters could see who is attempting to buy influence in real time and we can monitor performance with that knowledge and make judgments accordingly.

Investigative Journalism must Survive.

I have been guilty of pulling the trigger maybe too quickly on the media on what I see as slanted reporting or cartooning but with the Al Jazeera story I can only commend the media on its speed on self analysis if ethical standards were breached.

Within hours of release, self questioning commenced weather it reported the story or created the story.

That debate will be ongoing but it’s my simpleton belief is overall if it’s in the public interest, the public should know.

The method of acquiring the evidence is played out regularly in capturing terrorist, online predators, drug dealers, gun runners all regarded as fair game if any investigative journalist outlet exposes the culprits.

The fact that they did not secure the funding does not change the intent or the toxic advice on how to nullify murder.

I believe this is a clear example on the value of investigative journalism, and regardless of what side of politics you support it is imperative to democracy these outlets across the world continue their work, and must be protected.

Less Overheads better for Ipswich Ratepayers.

As our Council administrators get on with their jobs and we see basically nothing has changed in regards to day to day life of ipswich ratepayers.

Council staff are getting on with what they do best, so the question at the end of the day is “are we over governed” when it comes down to this extra layer of divisional councillors and the costs involved.

Remember please Local Government is facility of State Governments, not a seperate level of government.

In a world where we everybody has to qualify with qualifications to make a living under and directly overseen by superiors daily, I think the days of people being given massive wages on a popularity vote is well out of step with current society standards.

We cannot revert to any part of previous administration practices or culture or nothing has been achieved out of this dissolution process as it will re infest.

Ipswich is blessed with people of exceptional talent as we have seen by the top 100 run by QT, all of which I’m sure many have the skill sets required from hands on experience to sit on a board or take responsibility for facets of our great city.

No they may not be good at giving ratepayers money away to boost their own popularity come election time, or grabbing microphones or headlines at look at me rags, as true managers of our great city need to be business and socially focused on the city as a whole, not just 10 little patches each with if we are to believe the spin each like Shiltz and no nothing about the rest.

Less overheads would be better for ratepayers and qualified not popularly Appointees would serve our new beginning better come 2020.

Old White Mens Ducks Line Up.

Unfortunately with the Anning/Katter coming clean about their the white extremist beliefs has driven the debate so far right that I’d you believe in middle road politics you are regarded as a left wing loony.

Again I am guilty of giving these people oxygen by referring to their incipient actions but I’m afraid if we do not stand up and call it out we are not doing justice to those who cannot speak out because they would be accused of being trouble makers and if you don’t like it go back from where you came.

If any of the politicians who now openly support the White Australia ideology put that to the electorate before they were elected I’m sure the media and the punters would judge them accordingly but it takes a trigger or a series of issues and all their ducks line up and their true beliefs are reviled.

As history repeats the colonial old white men reinvent the past to justify in their minds simplistic views to alarm those uneducated to the political climate by creating fears and prejudices, the oldest propaganda trick in the book.

The only solution they offer is segregation, void of any policy structure or strategic thinking, which the media in particular rarely challenges choosing only to highlight the ugly shock bits.

The last census revealed around 62% of our population were Christian, 32% atheist or non religious, which leaves about 6% for the rest of all beliefs, so the spin of being swamped by any culture is a fear mongering lie..

Their are only one race that truly say they are true Australians and it’s them who are fighting to retain their aboriginal culture which we and the media choose to conveniently not draw comparisons..

Multi Culture ism does not Grow in Everybody’s Garden.

With the election winds blowing like most of us who do take a interest in our country’s future I take a interest in which direction the punters may send us and more importantly our children and grandchildren, for this who have them.
Personally I am. Labor Supporter, and one of those who are ridiculed, but stand my ground as a party member, and proud of it.
I don’t send out red neck cock headed racist emails to people nor do I try to impose my beliefs upon anyone else, but after a while I will respond if my tolerance ceases to exist, often to my demise but that’s part of standing for a cause that does have a social conscious.
I won’t go into what that means as that does not grow in many conservative political groups garden where the main DNA driver is the almighty dollar, and yes I have been in business with some success and know exactly how the opposition think and their opinions of the working class. Not all employers are Tories as you are led to believe by the Conservatives, and some do care, while others do not give a rats, yet parade as fine upstanding pillars of our society. In saying that, to be honest it cuts two ways, some employees do not deserve a good boss or appreciate a good boss, until they get redundant or the sack and restart.
Funny that, that fits when you change governments too !!!
Any back to my rant about those fucking emails that are made up in the Slime Bags in the properganda departments, forwarded to the party faith full then distributed, promoting fear, hate, division, racism, all the ingredients that Hitler used to motivate a nation to go beyond the realms human ethics.
That’s not our culture in Australia. Me I come from German, English, New Zealand, Italy/Swiss and who knows ?? And proud of it. Those relatives came here as migrants or some other country as migrants, of their own free will or forced by circumstance, it does not matter today nor will it matter tomorrow.
What I can’t tolerate is Children being taught to hate. To me that’s Child Abuse and its highest level. I had choices, I made up My mind., I worked from day one in a enviourement of mixed races worldwide, a Shipyard next door to the Australian migrant centre and worked with Muslims, Islamists, Chinese, Hindu, you name it they were there all contributing along side of the local bloke who just happens to be Australian not necessarily a Christian either.
At over 60 you may say you’ve seen a bit, not all but what I am seeing is fear being used as political capital as is done with many religions and political parties using that fear on the people who are not tolerant to accepting we are humans, not the same, yet being able to see, listen and learn from other cultures not demonise them. That’s what we should be teaching our children !!
That takes courage, and this logic will not sit well as some are imbedded with that distrust of anybody other than a white Circassian , hence the toxic properganda distribution network will prevail for those who attach themselves to it as part of their insecurity blanket.
Me, if I get too many of the toxins you get blacklisted, blocked and any intelligent information you wish to impart will never be realised at this address.

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