Queenslanders DNA runs Deep.

Firstly there will be a language and concept alert so in true Queenslanders way you’ve been told so that’s it.

I was bought up in the 50 ‘S and from the day I started school we were always lead to believer the southern states of Australia were well ahead of us people who lived in the north.

Better schools and education, better sports people, better beaches and better cities were all shoved down our throats and they were the benchmarks we had to hit.

As we grew so did our state and after a while we realised that NSW and Victoria were like two male Peacocks prancing around in full garb while Queensland, South Australia, and NT did not participate in this petty game of infantile one upmanship but the populations involved took this culture seriously to our amusement but we understood that if our sportspeople wanted to get a Australian spot in any sport they had to break the Southern culture which meant migrating.

Yes sport is a big thing in Queensland, it’s a underlying force, and we were belted often by our own talent in many sports and told how bad we were by the southern media.

We never forgot that, year after year we were disciplined enough to cop it and worked away slowly to balance the books.

That determination over time became our DNA, something the southerners will never understand to this day and only see it as a chip on the shoulder.

That QDNA is passed down, similar to the Scottish, the Irish, the Welsh hold their individually nationally we hold state wide and it becomes a culture of looking after each other, some could call it defensive or victim mentality.

Whatever it is the southerners don’t get it, and it translates across their actions in so many ways.

The Southern Peacock Mentality (SPM) emerges in so many ways when it comes to southern culture and no better barometer is the their sporting hero’s air of arrogance when it comes to discipline.

The NSW NRL, the states icon game , management and players caught continually breaking rules, be it salary caps, drug offences, DV , street violence, all just part of life as accepted practice that deserves a slap on the wrist, naughty little boys and the AFL is no better and we ask ourselves and they have the audacity to call themselves professionals. Any other codes, with infringements at that level those players and officials would be banned for life for bringing the code into disrepute.

No worries there that make their own rules don’t they ?

So, now let’s look to the present. The COVID-19 and the comparisons of how the states have managed their populations and you find it nearly fits the way they have handled their sporting icons.

Ruby Princess, the toxic capsule our nation prescribed by inept management, blame allocation, excuses, then slow reaction causing national pandemic conditions, a situation that was forewarned to our PM and ignored, but provisions were put in place in Queensland before any public body moved and when the passengers arrived they were immediately taken out of circulation. NSW sat on their hands and the horse bolted.

Queenslanders were informed and responded, the southern populations questioned and hesitated and analysed the money impact and not the health implications, and history is playing out now and playing catch up with that horse that has not only bolted but has time to breed.

If you look at the nations that have contained the virus they are the ones with inbred national pride for each other similar to QDNA discipline and the ones that have failed the test are the SPM’s . The self centered populations who fail to understand we all have work to beat the demons yet they are the ones along with their political stooges want us, those who stand strong, to be weak like them.

Our borders are strong, you will comply or fuck off back down south and join peacocks but I truly feel sorry for those who have the discipline to comply in the southern states and they watch the parasites destroy their safety, it’s hard to understand their intellect until you realise the have none other then self interest.

And yes over time Queensland will have clusters and more deaths, and at 70 I’ll probably be a target but I’m proud to be QDNA and me and my real Queenslanders will not be bullied any more by the southern parasites and peacocks ever again.

To Breath easy , vote Annastacia,or the alternative and become a statistic.

Councillors Dynasty’s Dissolved.

Finally Hinchliffe and the CCC has delivered the facts on why this council is being dismissed it could be no longer disputed that culture within is the root cause and cannot be changed.

Unfortunately when long standing appointments to public office occurs those cultures are created and at times used to retain office.. Many writers in this column have been called by sitting members if their opinions clash, and all hell breaks if you are seen to support a challenger at the polls. It will be remembered and reminded when dynasties are challenged.

Ken Aldertons point on the dissolution of divisions must be a priority of the Administrators if culture change is to be rebuilt, encouraging lobbying groups to deal with the council as a whole and not individual one on one entities.

Yes, prepare yourself for the cry’s that will be loud and long as long time power bases loose their insider statuses but that’s exactly what the CCC has highlighted as part of endemic problem within Council.

I’m sure other Councils have structures that do not cost ratepayers for permanent individual office sites ,staffing where ratepayers can have direct local contact for community organisations and needs, with Councillors with delegated roles for the entire council areas delivering full accountable transparency for each and every portfolio.

We as ratepayers demand clean air and again my thoughts are with the new appointees as they did not know or believed the toxic culture that still is regarded as normal for those who still cry foul.

The Wise Monkey Culture in Ipswich C.C.

Published 12/07/2018

In the past weeks of the ipswich people have agonised over this council issue through this outlet and the scribes have called on just about everything including their gods to justify their points, so my point is why does the Corporate Governance principals not apply to Councillors?

All corporate entities from Council right down to your local sports club have a strict set of guidelines laid out under the act that each and every board member, committee member has to comply with by law to ensure transparency’, accountability, ethics and stewardship and due diligence of the that organisation..

It states clearly Board Directors and Management personal must have Financial Literacy or acquire it as part of their appointment and ignorance is not a defence..

Attending meetings does not mean you. Have fulfilled your obligations as board member or committee member, and legislative compliance is not transferable to employees, it remains the responsibility of the Board and its members to monitor and enforce.

All of the above are what our volunteers of our community organisations are accountable, and yet have been used as a defence for paid professional councillors who have been in service for decades.

If compliance and appropriate Corporate Health Checks were as claimed and the above principals were followed we would not be where we are now.

They weren’t and I am of the firm belief that the culture of the 3 wise monkeys has reigned.

Springfield Succession Question Needs to Be Asked.

I may be slightly paranoid but I’m getting the distinct signal that Springfield and its surrounding developing metropolis is making noises that indicate at the most opportune time it will succeed from the Ipswich City Council, and to be quite honest it has developed into a autonomous entity with hospitals universities ect.

My question to the council is have we any risk management plans in place if and when that separation occurs?

They have in the past threatened going to Brisbane as saw that demographic a higher end marketable opportunity but we’re assured at the time Ipswich would look after them. What deals were stuck by the former council is unknown but as we see massive developments being heralded while inner city and country residents have been waiting kerb channeling for 40 years and estates like mine still with the original hot mix laid by the developer in the 70’s.

Yes their will be revenue loss, and that is what Risk Management role is, but so is the spread of equatable expenditures to the ratepayers who like us get our bins picked up and that’s about it.

To be fair the new age conditions put on developers, basic service provision are part of the deal but for those who reside in older suburbs pre those agreements are falling behind which should be accounted for by the new developments springing up well inside the old Ipswich/ Moreton areas.

It goes without saying Springfield is a new age community with a distinct business and community ideologies built on its original concept of a satellite city but we now have a distinct divide between them and the rest of the Ipswich Council area and older areas need equal attention and that equality will not occur while the uncertainty of that succession hangs over all current ratepayers.

The first job for our new man is to sort that out pronto.

Voter Ignorance stymies Democracy. 

Democracy is tough and gauging the limits of ignorance of the electorate was clearly demonstrated when that punter was shattered when they could not vote for a person that was not on the voting form and didn’t care or know the structure of the party they were so passionate to support. As the count continues that ignorance is highlighted across all electorates as the informal vote in the 3 seats contested in Ipswich is over 4301 (no it’s not a post code) but it’s people who for one reason or another distance themselves from the responsibility that people have given their lives for and others that are dying to have the right. 

You can be sure those who copped out are the same who whinge that politicians are useless, the same, and the countries going backwards or just blame Joanne Miller. 

The fact is that informal vote can change governments, a state or nations direction, employment and health outcomes and it’s a wonder as most of us were surprised that last Friday was Black Friday that no one contacted the QT and complained Trump was not on the voting slip.   

Policy and Truth Reporting without Drama Queens

In every election campaign its political savvy to play the underdog, the poor candidate the big boys are picking on, yes the victim.This charade is being played in ipswich if we believe the Queensland Times reports and it up to you weather your gullible enough to swallow it or just accept the fact it’s part of the election tactical cycle. 

Truth is precious, and reporting truth can be hard unless some investigative journalism is carried out and printing spiel from one source, one PR office, one press statement may be fine at the time but we in ipswich should be very wary as we were led up the garden path for years as we are discovering now before the CCC and the courts. All stories we thought were true because it was in the paper. 

The punters want facts, policy, how this will effect them and their families not the poor me sympathy spiel. We saw that in the red pyjamas act and what a headline and what a con, so in the closing week please cut the drama queen act and focus on who has the form and experience to keep Ipswich going forward 

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