Policy and Truth Reporting without Drama Queens

In every election campaign its political savvy to play the underdog, the poor candidate the big boys are picking on, yes the victim.This charade is being played in ipswich if we believe the Queensland Times reports and it up to you weather your gullible enough to swallow it or just accept the fact it’s part of the election tactical cycle. 

Truth is precious, and reporting truth can be hard unless some investigative journalism is carried out and printing spiel from one source, one PR office, one press statement may be fine at the time but we in ipswich should be very wary as we were led up the garden path for years as we are discovering now before the CCC and the courts. All stories we thought were true because it was in the paper. 

The punters want facts, policy, how this will effect them and their families not the poor me sympathy spiel. We saw that in the red pyjamas act and what a headline and what a con, so in the closing week please cut the drama queen act and focus on who has the form and experience to keep Ipswich going forward 

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