The Wise Monkey Culture in Ipswich C.C.

Published 12/07/2018

In the past weeks of the ipswich people have agonised over this council issue through this outlet and the scribes have called on just about everything including their gods to justify their points, so my point is why does the Corporate Governance principals not apply to Councillors?

All corporate entities from Council right down to your local sports club have a strict set of guidelines laid out under the act that each and every board member, committee member has to comply with by law to ensure transparency’, accountability, ethics and stewardship and due diligence of the that organisation..

It states clearly Board Directors and Management personal must have Financial Literacy or acquire it as part of their appointment and ignorance is not a defence..

Attending meetings does not mean you. Have fulfilled your obligations as board member or committee member, and legislative compliance is not transferable to employees, it remains the responsibility of the Board and its members to monitor and enforce.

All of the above are what our volunteers of our community organisations are accountable, and yet have been used as a defence for paid professional councillors who have been in service for decades.

If compliance and appropriate Corporate Health Checks were as claimed and the above principals were followed we would not be where we are now.

They weren’t and I am of the firm belief that the culture of the 3 wise monkeys has reigned.

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