Federal ICAC to Oversee Judicial Appointments.

It has been a well known in the legal profession that bullying and misogyny is common within its culture, so the revelations of the a Chief Justice has been called out by a independent investigation.

His controversial appointment and alliance to the conservative government is on the record, a situation that brings our justice system into a focus for all the wrong reasons.

I am a firm believer judicial appointments must be isolated from political influence or intervention, and have a body similar to a federal ICAC oversee all judicial appointments, state and federally.

Our justice system can never be allowed to follow the American path, and should never be a tool of any political whim or payback.

I am very concerned about the wedge politics played by this government, playing state against state in Covid crisis, the mirroring of American racial attitudes emerging here in Australia, and our government responses truly Trumpian be it ministers or backbenchers.

With our media opinion taking a higher profile than factual reporting, our fallback legal professions independence and faith in the system cannot be compromised by political noise or propaganda regardless of who you support, so I see no reason why Judicial Appointment should not be a part of a Federal ICAC which this government promised last election and still have failed to act on.

That’s not surprising is it?

Wayne Offer

The Three Stooge Act now Complete

It would be totally inappropriate to describe what has developed a three stooge act.

The three stooges were a deliberate comedy act but what we have been dealt with is far from a comedy.

The team sheet we have been dealt with could not be less impressive in regards to Trump, Morrison and now Johnson reeks of the toxic masculinity of baseball cap wearing thumbs up, “how good is this” antics of coal hugging ,fish kissing and female groping males who’s skills in schoolyard bullying have amplified in their political careers.

These bozo boys are now in charge of our nations and we must ask how we allowed this to happen. Look at leaders, great leaders regardless of political slant that have gone before. Former men and women had charisma,, intellect, and decorum of whom I will not name as a mark of balanced opinion but stand unchallenged at home and worldwide.

This present crew doesn’t make the reserve bench, and in times when leadership, political astuteness and world financial and military astuteness is critical to world peace none of these come equiped as their focus is on internal political survival and popularity stunts.

I’m sure our competitors Russia ,China, and other merging superpowers are watching on with great interest and looking for opportunities to manipulate the present political players and landscape and I live in hope that other world leaders outside this boys club maintain the standards expected to keep us away from world unrest where no one wins.

The LNP’s Trump Faction hard at work.

I would be the last person to tell the LNP how to do their business, however putting that aside I do take issue with the media description of them having a “female” problem within their ranks.

The truth is they have a “male” problem and if you look at their team sheet the line up speaks fo itself. People like Abbott, Abetts, Dutton, O’Sullivan, supported by the Kroger’s support fed by Jones and Hadley and Sky after Dark no wonder the boys club mentality sets a very slanted platform for any person who wishes to contribute let alone a female.

Personally,politically, I hope they don’t change, dig coal, close the borders, deny climate change. Reject renewables, and bully women out of the way, but that’s not good for our nation, any nation, and Victorians agreed, Saturday.

We need to install a government/governments that will look to our future, provide adequate and timely infrastructure and jobs with plans for our kids and elderly that will accommodate our growing population, and stop the scaremongering and fabricating excuses for ideology incompetence, and the real question is the LNP prepared to pay price of keeping the Trump faction worth loosing women’s participation at the ballot box..

The baseball caps have it Scomo.

Polling Complacency, a Danger to Our Culture.

The expulsion of the young Nationals should start the alarm bells ringing in all political institutions in Australia.

The simple fact the strategy was to infiltrate a major party and change political platforms in such a blatant way and go unchecked shows that our political systems can be influenced by the extreme be it left or right and the smaller parties are not exempt.

On social media I am seeing groups accelerate decisive propaganda preying on people’s emotions, encouraging religious and cultural divide, all in the name of being “Real Australians” a nationalistic trend that is happening across the globe by ult-right organisations. These groups thrive when people become political disenfranchised and results in people voting for the minors as a protest vote. Those minors are easy meat for the extremists as the structures are in place and the numbers easier to be stacked and then balance of power is the objective.

I am in favour of competition in our democracy but I do not want to see our divide grow as it has in America. We are smarter than that I hope, but let’s not fall into the trap that “all politicians and Parties are the same”, either, their not. Some ideologies are deadly serious to change our culture to one controlled by interest groups similar to the NRA.

Be aware punters, not complacent.

Osaka Trumps Williams Stunt.

Cartoonists are supposed to reflect thoughts and reflections of events with a touch of candid humour so sometimes can see a different perspectives so I can understand why some are upset by the Williams imaging particularly in America. I understand comparison with a historical cartooning would make Mark Knights depiction could upset however I do not think it was intentional to be race related but it was, now that angle is spinning worldwide.

After watching the event I believe Williams knew she was in trouble and wanted to cause a incident to take the momentum away from Osaka and when the wick was lit she made a calculated move and it came undone. She lost full stop.

Yes it well known women in tennis are regarded as the inferior side and that’s unjust but rules are rules and you can’t play the gender card during a match unless you know your outclassed and then your point can be made on the world stage.

The real sad thing is Williams stole Osaka’s moment to prove her point, supported by the worlds most ignorant crowds in regards to etiquette and ethics, a habitual occurrence in all international events hosted in America.

I fully support all aspects of Women’s equality be in on and off the sporting field but destroying a persons highest achievement to increase ones profile or cause would not be the way most fair minded Australian people would accept.

Bolts Bile Goes Unchecked.

I was extremely hesitant to give the Bolt column in Monday’s QT oxygen with the hope of some reaction from the editorial staff to at least comment on its bile content. Link that with the toxicity of Blair Cottrell the trend on News Limited is quite clear., their is money selling racism and hatred.

Andrew Bolts rotating commercials on SKY days previously gave away what was a planned and calculated release of what has been regarded by his peers as the Quote “ The worst column I have ever seen in a mainstream newspaper” and to be quite honest I was sickened to realise that type of journalism would enter my household.

There is need for a debate on migration, integration, and religions in this country , but that debate should start from the middle ground not the extremes as we are seeing from News or the question must be asked is it their intention to move the divide as it has in the USA to the extremes?

This is nothing to do with free speech, it’s blatant retail promotion in splitting our Australian community for corporate gain, a despicable act from a outfit who has.chosen to move its operations offshore to avoid paying tax..

The Fish Rots From the Head Down.

Where are we headed.?

We as a nation have accepted the genocide of people trying to escape persecution treating them as invaders, we see our aboriginals cultures slowly be decimated for non conformity, we allow our churches to protect and hide known pedophiles and when caught out protect them then do everything to stop full compensation while their hierarchy’s bath in gold.

America withdraws from The Human Rights Council as it caught doing what the Nazi did separating mothers from children as a punishment, as we watch Israel systematically crush a civilisation with the blessings of our gutless leaders too scared stand up for what they must know is wrong but choose to ignore it for political or monitory gain.

Who is asking the hard questions, who is putting the alternative point of view? Certainly not main stream media. Are They are lapdogs to the system and I wonder where is the journalistic ethics taught in their diplomas gone?

The standard you choose to ignore are the standards you accept.

Public opinion still has power but people need to be informed and that information is power and as we are witnessing the attack on the ABC for questioning government. Thats their job. All governments dislike scrutiny and attacking the ABC messenger is par for the course whoever is in power.

Please ask yourself now if this trend continues, what type of a society will we leave our grandkids.?

They went to war to save us what we are seeing and accepting now as the new normal, or is it just too hard?

I don’t accept the present standard, do you?

The fish rots from the head down.

Edited extensively in the QT.

Shipyard/Yungabar Culture needed Australia Day and Beyond. 

As a starry eyed 15 year old apprentice in the 60’s I learnt how important it was to get on with migrants so we could get the job done.Evens Deakin shipyard was a stones throw from Yungabar hostel, the gateway for the future of thousands worldwide who’s first job was at the Yard as tradesmen, iron workers, dockers all thrown together and supported by the trade unions to ensure they weren’t ripped off.

That culture has stayed with me to this day, accepting and learning from people from all walks, religions, culture, which later was called multiculturalism. 

Today however politicians see gain in divide for self preservation. The media take the easy way report the spiel and not question the motive which in time adds up to toxic battle lines being drawn by extreme groups making their own properganda made easy by social media platforms.

Sadly now the media has now been segregated into factions of right and left so where do the people go to get the unbiased balanced truth to make up our own minds? It should be our ABC but politics again is blackmailing that, in the name of “efficiency” by cutting funding to areas that compete with outlets that support the government. 

The slogan “We will tell you what we think you need to know” is dangerous to democracy and has exasabated the racial debate not necessarily by unbiased journalists but slant required to appease owners. 

With Australia Day pending I hope we see a responsible media, that accepts their are differences of opinion, yet rises above ignorance and hate and does it bit to educate as we did as part of our normal days work with the New Australians from Yungabar. 

Multi Culture ism does not Grow in Everybody’s Garden.

With the election winds blowing like most of us who do take a interest in our country’s future I take a interest in which direction the punters may send us and more importantly our children and grandchildren, for this who have them.
Personally I am. Labor Supporter, and one of those who are ridiculed, but stand my ground as a party member, and proud of it.
I don’t send out red neck cock headed racist emails to people nor do I try to impose my beliefs upon anyone else, but after a while I will respond if my tolerance ceases to exist, often to my demise but that’s part of standing for a cause that does have a social conscious.
I won’t go into what that means as that does not grow in many conservative political groups garden where the main DNA driver is the almighty dollar, and yes I have been in business with some success and know exactly how the opposition think and their opinions of the working class. Not all employers are Tories as you are led to believe by the Conservatives, and some do care, while others do not give a rats, yet parade as fine upstanding pillars of our society. In saying that, to be honest it cuts two ways, some employees do not deserve a good boss or appreciate a good boss, until they get redundant or the sack and restart.
Funny that, that fits when you change governments too !!!
Any back to my rant about those fucking emails that are made up in the Slime Bags in the properganda departments, forwarded to the party faith full then distributed, promoting fear, hate, division, racism, all the ingredients that Hitler used to motivate a nation to go beyond the realms human ethics.
That’s not our culture in Australia. Me I come from German, English, New Zealand, Italy/Swiss and who knows ?? And proud of it. Those relatives came here as migrants or some other country as migrants, of their own free will or forced by circumstance, it does not matter today nor will it matter tomorrow.
What I can’t tolerate is Children being taught to hate. To me that’s Child Abuse and its highest level. I had choices, I made up My mind., I worked from day one in a enviourement of mixed races worldwide, a Shipyard next door to the Australian migrant centre and worked with Muslims, Islamists, Chinese, Hindu, you name it they were there all contributing along side of the local bloke who just happens to be Australian not necessarily a Christian either.
At over 60 you may say you’ve seen a bit, not all but what I am seeing is fear being used as political capital as is done with many religions and political parties using that fear on the people who are not tolerant to accepting we are humans, not the same, yet being able to see, listen and learn from other cultures not demonise them. That’s what we should be teaching our children !!
That takes courage, and this logic will not sit well as some are imbedded with that distrust of anybody other than a white Circassian , hence the toxic properganda distribution network will prevail for those who attach themselves to it as part of their insecurity blanket.
Me, if I get too many of the toxins you get blacklisted, blocked and any intelligent information you wish to impart will never be realised at this address.

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