Shipyard/Yungabar Culture needed Australia Day and Beyond. 

As a starry eyed 15 year old apprentice in the 60’s I learnt how important it was to get on with migrants so we could get the job done.Evens Deakin shipyard was a stones throw from Yungabar hostel, the gateway for the future of thousands worldwide who’s first job was at the Yard as tradesmen, iron workers, dockers all thrown together and supported by the trade unions to ensure they weren’t ripped off.

That culture has stayed with me to this day, accepting and learning from people from all walks, religions, culture, which later was called multiculturalism. 

Today however politicians see gain in divide for self preservation. The media take the easy way report the spiel and not question the motive which in time adds up to toxic battle lines being drawn by extreme groups making their own properganda made easy by social media platforms.

Sadly now the media has now been segregated into factions of right and left so where do the people go to get the unbiased balanced truth to make up our own minds? It should be our ABC but politics again is blackmailing that, in the name of “efficiency” by cutting funding to areas that compete with outlets that support the government. 

The slogan “We will tell you what we think you need to know” is dangerous to democracy and has exasabated the racial debate not necessarily by unbiased journalists but slant required to appease owners. 

With Australia Day pending I hope we see a responsible media, that accepts their are differences of opinion, yet rises above ignorance and hate and does it bit to educate as we did as part of our normal days work with the New Australians from Yungabar. 

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