Will NBN Payback be Rewarded for Turnbull?

Sometimes it’s hard to put aside personal perspectives however I find if you look a the the facts all becomes much clearer.When the Australian people were delivered a 3rd rate speed by the NBN that would not support more than one cable tv network it was clear the Fox carrier would maintain it monopoly in Australia.

That network was managed by our present PM Turnbull successfully after cries of costs to deliver a world class network and would be cheaper to the taxpayer.

In a Senate enquiry it has been revealed the Turnbull government has given, yes given, Fox $30 Million dollars with no paperwork of discussion or account to upgrade women’s sport coverage allegedly.

So it’s a cheaper network build that delivers less to prop up monopoly that needs to be financed to cover women, a expectation to the Australian public that it should prioritise over its American content. Sounds fair? 

Now looking at past history of this marriage between media and government further we saw the Abbott government fiercely supported by the Murdock press, appoints Turnbull to cover the NBN degrade which he manages well enough the gain the prime ministership in the eyes of his colleagues.

Now as the LNP polls crash is that lazy $30 million for Fox a olive branch from Turnbull or will the Abbot stay as their pick? 

As in Yes Minister “all shall be revealed in the fullness of time”

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