Is the Councillor Tier Really Needed?

Their are a number of factors I feel need to be made public as we head towards our new council elections.

To be blunt many ratepayers I have spoke to are a asking why we need to be paying for that level of government at all. Since the sackings the sun did come up and things around the place just seemed to carry on regardless and for those who have repeatedly bleared keep politics out of Council would agree no councillors no politics.

I’m sure our professional public servants have proven they are quite apt in doing their role under the Administrator and I’m sure service delivery is much easier without political or parochial interferences.

The cost factor too cannot be overlooked and do we get the bang for our ratepayers now we have now experienced both sides of the exercise? Those figures would be interesting as for decades councillors have sealed their success on how much ratepayers money the have extorted for their electorate and claimed it as if it was them who were giving the money, creating the them and us mentality.

The elections will proceed with the new ground rules I hope the people elected should perform accordingly with new safeguards of transparency across every division, but keep in mind we are not the only ratepayers who have been caught out by mismanagement. Other councillors in other councils charged so I am comforted that the CCC investigations are still ongoing across the board , but in my mind the jury is still out on the value of the added tier after experiencing Council by Administration Only.

Ratepayers Pay for Strategic Genius’s Failures.

I can only applaud the administrator to cut the losses ipswich ratepayers on the city’s mall but unfortunately it will not repair the damage council caused to the the businesses and long standing trading family’s of our great city when it made the the diabolical decision to build Riverlink.. The total incompetence of that decision thinking stripping patronage from a facility that was already ratepayer funded to appease developers then sell it off to overseas owners who used it as a tax dodge, then proceeded use our funds again repair and renew several time since, all of which failed and costed us possibly billions over time. 

The city’s strategy may have looked good on the drawing board but councillors failed when it come to realising that the although Ipswich population  may have be growing the wages weren’t and by introducing extra competitors the slices get smaller. 

I see Springfield residents are demanding extra attention and funding, may I suggest those residents take a drive around ipswich and long standing neglected ratepayers do not have curbs, channeling, parks, footpaths but are blessed with garbage pickups and maybe sewage full stop. Another council strategic masterpiece. 

The real lesson is we cannot let developers set the agenda as it has in the past administration, as ratepayers are sick of seeing photo shoots of suits in hi vis bibs and silver shovels and I fear with the opening of this Costco thought bubble will be counter active to bringing customers back to support our city centre let alone existing retailers in shopping centres 

Good luck Greg, in sorting out this scramble egg.

Blubbering Councillors Be Gone.

I think most ipswich people’s tissue boxes are empty from all the tears we have shed for the dismissed council public servants. Strange I did not hear the same blubbering when the 100’s of Dinmore, Churchill and Wullkaraka workers were dismissed, none of their fault other than not being profitable for their employers.

The fact that none of the councillors complied with Corporate Governance obligations on knowing what exactly was going on within has been forgotten leaving us to assume each and every one worked within their own bubble in their divisions oblivious of what each other were or were not complying.

The pleas of innocence has built the case that all of the divisions must be dissolved and councillors must be centralised so ignorance will no longer be a excuse and accountability and move,ents to ratepayers monitored. This would be cost effective as car pooling, individual office overheads and staffing would be centralised.

Ratepayers should be reminded Council and Councillors are instruments of the state government not governments in their own right so councillors are employees as is any person working for the ratepayers, their are not special cases as some think, and they know exactly what they are in for when they decide to seek election., so when the next election comes around I hope the Shiltz’s Helmets are issued to those who pleaded ignorance, as we the ratepayers want people that know exactly what is happening and will speak up publicly when any doubtful actions, decisions occur including election funding..

The Wise Monkey Culture in Ipswich C.C.

Published 12/07/2018

In the past weeks of the ipswich people have agonised over this council issue through this outlet and the scribes have called on just about everything including their gods to justify their points, so my point is why does the Corporate Governance principals not apply to Councillors?

All corporate entities from Council right down to your local sports club have a strict set of guidelines laid out under the act that each and every board member, committee member has to comply with by law to ensure transparency’, accountability, ethics and stewardship and due diligence of the that organisation..

It states clearly Board Directors and Management personal must have Financial Literacy or acquire it as part of their appointment and ignorance is not a defence..

Attending meetings does not mean you. Have fulfilled your obligations as board member or committee member, and legislative compliance is not transferable to employees, it remains the responsibility of the Board and its members to monitor and enforce.

All of the above are what our volunteers of our community organisations are accountable, and yet have been used as a defence for paid professional councillors who have been in service for decades.

If compliance and appropriate Corporate Health Checks were as claimed and the above principals were followed we would not be where we are now.

They weren’t and I am of the firm belief that the culture of the 3 wise monkeys has reigned.

The Power of the Editor

Opinions are abundant when it comes to the fate of the ICC depending on who you choose to give a ear but one thing is absolutely clear, ipswich needs and deserves better but I’m finding it difficult to accept the selective memory of some in regards to past history.

Up front I was one who felt the wrath of the punter when he people of ipswich rejected politics in council however one would be totally naive to believe politics stopped and has ever stopped since.

Looking at the track record of new blood in council it’s pretty clear the inner network worked well under the popularity of the former mayor right down to having the partnering electoral signage sites, advertising, of sitting members each feeding off the his popularity, so it was convenient to forget at times for the alleged independents until elected , then the old chestnuts reappear after. Look at me .. I’m independent!!

Choosing Public Life and service is a choice and a accountability not only to your electorate but to your entire Council and the real question is why things went unchallenged until the Red Pyjamas then it was shock, horror? Why were the uncomfortable questions not asked in council or complaints investigated?

The standard you choose to ignore is the standard you accept.

For the new inductees of the council my heart goes out as they walked in on a existing landmine of not of their making but and if the ccc investigation is still ongoing the state government cannot act if sub judiciary concerns apply.

In the eyes of many, dismiss or not, the old principle applies, you fly with the crows you will be shot as a crow.

Springfield Succession Question Needs to Be Asked.

I may be slightly paranoid but I’m getting the distinct signal that Springfield and its surrounding developing metropolis is making noises that indicate at the most opportune time it will succeed from the Ipswich City Council, and to be quite honest it has developed into a autonomous entity with hospitals universities ect.

My question to the council is have we any risk management plans in place if and when that separation occurs?

They have in the past threatened going to Brisbane as saw that demographic a higher end marketable opportunity but we’re assured at the time Ipswich would look after them. What deals were stuck by the former council is unknown but as we see massive developments being heralded while inner city and country residents have been waiting kerb channeling for 40 years and estates like mine still with the original hot mix laid by the developer in the 70’s.

Yes their will be revenue loss, and that is what Risk Management role is, but so is the spread of equatable expenditures to the ratepayers who like us get our bins picked up and that’s about it.

To be fair the new age conditions put on developers, basic service provision are part of the deal but for those who reside in older suburbs pre those agreements are falling behind which should be accounted for by the new developments springing up well inside the old Ipswich/ Moreton areas.

It goes without saying Springfield is a new age community with a distinct business and community ideologies built on its original concept of a satellite city but we now have a distinct divide between them and the rest of the Ipswich Council area and older areas need equal attention and that equality will not occur while the uncertainty of that succession hangs over all current ratepayers.

The first job for our new man is to sort that out pronto.

Change of Blood is Good 

To sell or not to sell. That was the question.Well, how delighted I was to see we had some differing opinions that brought councillors out of their boxes. 

It’s a pity that attitude didn’t extend under the the former mayors tenure and this city would not be in this embarrassing predicament. 

We the punters are not naive and realise councillors rode into office on the popularity of the former mayor and the data confirms that fact and I’m sure they were reminded, but now we have differing opinions on strategic directions which is what we pay them to sort out in the ratepayers interest only. 

This change supports my theory that elected public service at local government level is not a career and a three term time line should be drawn then stand down a term then go for reelection by all means, minimising the risks of dangerous dynasties being established and injecting new ideas into the public arena. 

Ethical Standards Check on The Miller Burning.

As a 2 time failed candidate in a council election I understand how the wanna bee’s for Mayor feel when running against a experienced sitting councillor, however when you decide to get inside the ropes you have the accept you have to work harder as you do not have the tool box of contacts, media, knowledge, and interaction with businesses and authorities acquired over time by the sitting member. However when circumstances change drastically as it has in Ipswich we have to look back and see how that tool box was used and was it used ethically.

I’m on the record for asking what was the issue when Joanne Miller wanted to centralise police communications away from Ipswich as I believe all essential services should be within arms length for quicker response time especially now when we have GPS, Instant video, Helecopters, mobile, ect. so having a individual outpost like Yamanto was a little odd especially if no employee would be relocated or displaced, in fact as I recall Ipswich would have a slight increase in staff as a result.

But, as we witnessed a open war was declared by the Mayor and the media on Millar in one of the most vindictive, vile and personal attacks ever seen in my time in this great city. Yes politics is tough and when your inside the ropes that comes with the territory, but when attacks extend to family and even down to a jeans belt, I think we in Ipswich deserved better balanced journalism.

Time has moved on, editors change, circumstances change, as well as the political landscape, so I feel it’s time to ask why that issue exploded as it did, and why the viscous ness?

I get very sceptical when I see politicians and media combining to close down a individual from doing his or her job with such venom so I believe this issue should be investigated by a Ethical entity Under Oath., so we the punters can be sure we have no skeletons that may revisit us later from former are administrations.


Serious questions lay here of the closeness and availability of confidential information regarding police operationns to Council.

All may be in order however as I have stated the joining of media and Mayor to destroy a Minister and MP locally raises questions that should be answered Under Oath.

Edited by QT on  print. 

Mayoral Qualifications Please..

With Mayoral nominations opening in August it’s a good time for us punters to think about what we really want out of our Mayor, what issues we really need as ratepayers, and what we don’t want as well. My personal concern is speculative developments in retail and land development. Just look around our city and towns and we will find land parcels cleared of either vegetation or structures laying idle for years after great hullabaloos of Safety helmeted ,silver shovel, fluro safety jacketed media stunts.

Then we have this fixation that the more retail outlets selling the same stuff is somehow good for competition. That’s fine if they are all on the same playing field, but that’s fantasy. The bigger conglomerate the more council concessions/incentive as the smaller mum and dad shows hit the wall resulting in more vacant premises. 

I agree forward planning is imperative to running any business being council or private abut the risk management facets is where this council comes up short very short, so my I’m looking for a Mayor that can run a business, run council as a business, as well as a demonstrated skill of managing the gap between timely service provision and population growth realising that critical factor in managing not only council cash flow but extends to the cashflow of accompanying businesses as well. 

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