Truth should not be the Casualty

The party’s over and now the combatants are celebrating, commiserating, and looking inward on their way forward and I have to ask , does the media do their reviews on their performance through the entire exercise.?

Starting with our Qt, my little exercise in media watchdogging rated the slant 45% LNP, 34% Alp, and 20% independent less the decimals which is what I regard as pretty balanced compared with other outlets within their conglomerate.

My concern was truth and the line between it, opinion, and downright lies.

I appreciate the media outlets printed and digital are struggling to survive but as the third state surely they have a obligation to identify and reject basic lies as part of ethical obligations.

Looking at the Presidential type of campaign run by our PM, I do not want to see our medial be dragged down to what we see in America where truth is no longer a qualification for broadcast, its who pays the most to spread the spin.

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