Media Influence on Democracy Unwanted.

We have been quick to criticise ,analyse, American politics and the system of government they try to achieve democracy and equality to their nation.

Our Westminster system flys in the face of many parts of their processes of basic culture of what we regard as good governance, and unfortunately we will follow their path if we are not aware of the way the real story is told and who will profit or has a agenda to influence politics in their favour.

Lobbyists and lobbying, factions and deals are part of the dirty game but when the media seek to influence outcomes that’s when we the punters need to ask is it fact or fiction.

People will read what suits them and their beliefs but that does not make It fact.

In America their is a distinct divide/canyon in reporting politics and that divide was created intentionally, as do dictatorships to divide so it becomes “your with me or against me mentality,” and the space we regard for compromise is diminished.

I was startled at first but not surprised when Cambridge Analytica who specialise in disinformation and voter targeting was engaged by the Coalition for the next federal election as they were the part of the Trump and Brexit campaigns, successful they were but the aftermath of the splitting of the populations is something I fear would happen here in Australia.

My belief in balanced reporting was shaken when the well respected Brisbane Masthead was turned into a Newsletter for the Coalition under ownership orders, reenforcing the well reported quote the “I have the power to change governments” so we need to be aware but not surprised when digesting reporting.

Observers can see the major parties are setting themselves on a election footing and I want to see genuine debate on the direction our county takes, and politicians that represent people not conglomerates or billionaires as sooner or later some learned soul will wake up and realise our biggest asset is our people, race, colour or creed indifferent, that is when we will rise above those nations and leaders who only survive on division.

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